I learned how to do motion capture as seen in some of the most iconic films and video games of all time including Avatar, Avengers, Lord of the Rings… and basically any Andy Serkis film of the past decade.

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Thank you so much to MoCap Man Richard Dorton for teaching me so much throughout this experience! You can take a class with Richard and follow him here:

Directed by Garrett Kennell https://www.instagram.com/garrettkennell

Edited by Silas Orteza https://www.instagram.com/silasorteza/

Produced by Michelle Khare and Janelle DeChancie https://www.instagram.com/janelledechancie

Coordinated by Anniken Aalbu https://www.instagram.com/annikenaalbu/

Camera Operator:
AJ Young http://www.AJYoungDP.com

Brandon Melendy https://www.instagram.com/bdonski/?hl=en
Steve Brown https://www.instagram.com/stevebrownwrestler/

Vicon Motion Capture


Fonco Studios

Darren Bailey https://www.instagram.com/darrenbailey17/
Nathan Hendrick https://www.instagram.com/nate_hedrick/
Kimberly Woods https://www.instagram.com/kimberlywoods/

Ari Karczay https://www.instagram.com/arikarczag/
Brent Horst https://www.instagram.com/bennyboygc/
TK Gorgonia https://www.instagram.com/tkgorgonia/
Nathan Hendrick https://www.instagram.com/nate_hedrick/
Andrew Jordan https://www.instagram.com/storypilot/
Michael Erblang https://www.instagram.com/michaerb/


49 thoughts on “I Learned Hollywood Motion Capture

  1. I am so excited to share this video with you guys! We worked on it for SIX months! If you want to see more behind the scenes, be sure to check out my Instagram story, where I’m posting BTS and answering your questions all day!!! 🙂

  2. I really like what you do don’t cheapen it by being a woman of color we’re all the same we all have the same opportunities look at what you’ve done by by being who you are race doesn’t have anything to do with anything that’s the biggest problem in this world people make it something like I said I really like what you do I think you’re a tremendous person and inspiration to many people I just don’t drag color into it at cheapens itI’m sorry I had to say it

  3. this 100% deserves more views. You did an absolutely outstanding job and the emotional impact you've conveyed is outstanding.

  4. You did amazing but i felt embarrassed for some reason. Like I could never do some of the stuff you did

  5. Oh my god! That was amazing! If she actually continues to do this, she'd probably become a real actress!

  6. “As a woman of color” bro shut the fuck up, Hollywood is the most liberal place in the world

  7. You're an amazing actress! I was suspense at the end when you became a zombie.

    I just couldn't move my eyes off the screen!

  8. Wow!this is all i can say,you left me without words(idk if i write good cuz im no so good at english)

  9. It’s so crazy watching this. When I was a kid I was very imaginative constantly outside creating my own world in my back yard, using sticks as pretend weapons, I loved it. But now as an adult I have such anxiety and fear of ever doing something like this, the fear of being embarrassed and looking “ugly”. You were amazing Michelle!

  10. I know this came out like a year ago but, I just need to say that you are such an inspiration to me. I'm a recent subscriber but as an actress and frankly, as a person who wants to just…experience life…your Challenge Accepted videos have changed everything for me! I absolutely love you and your commitment. Thanks for doing things like this, it shows me that my out of this world dreams arent so out of this world.

  11. The college I studied at didn't had this motion capture facilities. Thanks for showing how this works.

  12. If more people get to know about the tremendous amount of hard work & team work that goes into making these video games may be that will help curb digital piracy to some extent.
    Thank you for this elaborate video.

  13. Why did they not record ur face? Is it bc they didn't have the money? Bc in the clip I heard noice but saw a blank face

  14. If she did that creepy as voice as a prank, fuck that I'll be dipping the fuck out!

  15. That was awesome to see you did a great job. That final performance was amazing.

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