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In this video I take you all along as I stay at the cheapest room at Planet Hollywood resort and casino. Obviously this was filmed before the world fell apart, but hopefully Vegas will be back on track again soon and we can all go back to having fun again!

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Hold old are you?
-I’m 31. I was born Sep 18th, 1988

Are you single?
-No, happily married

Can we meet up when I’m in Vegas?
-Im currently not comfortable with meeting up with strangers by myself, sorry. My safety comes before trying to make friends 😔

Are you Annette Obrestad, the poker player?
-Former poker player, yes

Do you still play poker/why did you quit?
-Long story, its complicated, but at the end of the day, I wasnt enjoying it anymore 🤷‍♀️

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29 thoughts on “I stayed at the CHEAPEST room at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas… and WOW 😳!

  1. Where are you most excited to stay when Vegas is up and running again?!

  2. I love that you’re feedback is always kind. Even when you don’t like something you are polite about it!

  3. Can you PLEASE do a tutorial for the eye makeup you have at the beginning of the video!!

  4. Amazing!! I love your videos!! Hey Annette, do you ever gamble?? Like do you gamble daily when you stay at these hotels? I’m dying to know!! Lol

  5. You said one of Dobby's command words about seventeen times — Elevator! I dunno if he'd be distracted by the sound, as he finds them by sound, or if he'd be as happy as a human at a concert. Maybe he'd invite everyone over for a party? Thank you for the room service review — the view is spectacular and makes the expense of the food worthwhile. The fountain show is wonderful — you could have kept the camera on that and I'd have watched it. You've gone from water sprite to flame demon, very interesting, but you also show us yourself without makeup, you brave girl!. Thank you for the video. We're going to need reminders of Vegas as it was for a few years, and toward that I send love and hope for healing.

  6. What an amazing view!! I would deal with the elevators for that!!☀️☀️☀️☀️

  7. This video made me want to go back to Vegas. I thought the view was gorgeous. And as always, I love the pink hair and your makeup looked flawless. Can’t wait for the next video. Take care.

  8. Smile on your face helps is true. That is my biggest issue with wearing a mask can't see smiles.

  9. Did my husband help you pack 😂? That was full suitcase for overnight! He brings a full size suitcase for one or two days somewhere with a selection to choose from.
    Ribbing aside, it looks nice!

  10. Given what room service cost I want a "fancy" experience not take out
    If I wanted takeout I would just go down and get something cheaper to take to my room

  11. I want to stay at the Bellagio and Cesars Palace. I usually look for a hotel with great restaurants inside or shopping. The only hotel experience I hated was circus circus but we switched to planet Hollywood after one night which saved that trip.

  12. I personally never order room service before, but I agree. Room service should be with plates and metal utensils. if it was just in a to-go bag I might as well just go get it myself.
    and how is to-go bags more environmentally friendly? you're still wasting plastics and trees on things people are just gonna throw away.

  13. Your editing is very good in this video 🙂 also you always getting lost on your way to your room is a highlight for me lol

  14. That noise in the begining sounds like it's from a video game called Wild Arms.

  15. We were supposed to have stayed at the Venetian in March. Will probably rebook for fall sometime. I wanted to say I agree with you Annette, the to go bags have got to go … ! When we come to Vegas, we like to order room service for breakfast because we like,being pampered….china,glassware, linen tablecloths,etc. It is Vegas after all.

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