A lot of people have been making fun of a TikTok actor named Tyler Brash. I wanted to learn more about him and teach him how to act. This series focuses on teaching acting and the process of starting a career in Hollywood.

PS I love you Cody Ko. I hope you don’t make a video about this, but I also hope you do.

Follow my new best friend Tyler:
IG – https://www.instagram.com/tyler.brash/?hl=en
TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@tyler.brash?lang=en


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ERIC TABACH is an actor/comedian/YouTuber/soon to be podcaster and aspiring musician/SoundCloud rapper. After producing videos for BuzzFeed and Kyra TV, he is finally ready to take on a solo career making meaningful comedy videos on YouTube. Some of his most popular videos include his comedic and extreme takes on viral trends and challenges as well as connecting with people in unusual ways.



24 thoughts on “I Transformed TikTok's Worst Actor into a Hollywood Star – Ep. 2

  1. Hey!! I'm so glad you guys like this series ❤️ for some reason YouTube's Algorithm isn't pushing the video so if you guys could share it with even one person that would really mean a lot!! I wanna make more documentaries like this if they do well 🙌

  2. I absolutely love this! I love Tyler so much he’s my favorite person on tik tok! I really hope we get to see him on the big screen someday💖

  3. Waw this guy made me feel like what I'm doing in my music is going good so far, I left my country and came to the USA last year and stuff to pursue my music and stuff and I'm doing a lil bit good even though nobody believes in me but one day I'll be one of the best. And thank you for this video which motivated me more.

  4. I am loving this series—it deserves more views! And Tyler is such a sweet and passionate kid. Hope he makes it big!

  5. You're not going crazy.lots of people are going trough depersonalisation or dissociation with reality. Start meditating daily. Focus on connecting to your body and on innerpeace. Eat healthy,no alcohol or caffeine. Check if you have leaky gut or gluten intolerance. Gluten can actually make people schizophrenic(bread madness).leaky gut can give chronic inflammation that reaches to the brain. I went through the same on your age. If you need help with it, let me know.

  6. I tried these acting exercises with my sister after I watched this video and she said this would make good youtube video. Little does she know… 😏🤣

    Edit: She doesn't about this video but I'll show her later. I just need some sleep..

  7. "soo who's your favorite YouTuber??"
    me: oh it's eric tabach
    "oh do they do pranks or vlogs?
    me: he has an imbd

  8. Lol Eric just showed that Tyler's haters are gonna eat their hate in 15 years. Don't just criticise, constructive criticise.

    You both have a fan in South Africa

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