The Real Reason iCarly Ruined These Actors’ Careers. From Miranda Cosgrove To Bobby Bowman.
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The cast of “iCarly” kept us entertained for a total of six seasons. The Nickelodeon classic came to an end in 2012, but many of its viewers are still talking about it today. While some of the show’s cast members went on to do some truly amazing things, the same cannot be said about everyone who starred on the show. For some actors, the last episode of “iCarly” marked the end of their acting careers. But for others, the end was just the beginning.

What has Miranda Cosgrove been up to since we last saw her on “iCarly?” And what about her on-screen brother Jerry Trainor? Did Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett, ever land any roles outside of Nickelodeon? And what ever happened to Nathan Kress, who portrayed Freddie Benson? In this video from TheThings, we find out what our favorite “iCarly” actors have been up to since the show wrapped up production.

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36 thoughts on “iCarly Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore

  1. iCarly Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore

    shows actors that were casted after iCarly…

  2. Being "photogenic" does not make you a good actor… everyone on this show found out.

  3. I feel like icarly, Sam&cat ,and victious should have been a series since it show cat life and Sam life then they make a episode of Sam & cat becoming friends

  4. nathan kress has done alot more than that. He's directed and been in many movies

  5. Why do they all feel the need to have stupid beards after children’s shows? Fuck beards!!

  6. I had a shot at a Hollywood career, but chose to avoid it for a poverty career in finance. Or at least that's how I like to think of it.

  7. icarly was the most annoying show ever to inflict itself on TV. Honestly, I watched one minute and felt my brain shrinking

  8. If anything hurt Miranda Cosgrove's career, it was NOT iCarly. She was on a musical tour in 2011 when her tour bus crashed and she broke her ankle. That probably contributed to her decision to do something less physically strenuous than the madcap humor for which iCarly was known. She got a degree at USC and is today still in demand in show business.

  9. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize Mrs. Benson as Suzie from Hey Arnold and that was one of my childhood staples…

  10. I just saw Miranda in an independent sci-fi drama last night called 3022. It was really good.

  11. Icarly sorry force of habit Miranda is going to be just fine all she must do is sing I will always listen to you my love

  12. Tim russ had a type cast to him before this and thankfully its helped him rather then hindered him, he is involved in star trek alot, mainly as tuvok, but he was in a episode of star trek the next generation where he played a terrorist that was trying to steal a chemical from the enterprises engine core to make a explosive, so was caught in a strong type of show long before icarly

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