Join us at 9255 Swallow Drive, a beautiful mansion nestled into the Hollywood hills. This home features a wine cellar in the dining room, a glass-enclosed cigar room, and perhaps most impressively, a walk-in shark tank.

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Inside a $23M Hollywood Mansion with a Built-In Shark Tank | On the Market | Architectural Digest


38 thoughts on “Inside a $23M Hollywood Mansion with a Built-In Shark Tank | On the Market | Architectural Digest

  1. I wonder how many houses this guy sells, the way he takes makes me uninterested in anything he's talking about, real depressing

  2. what do they do to the things they have outside when it rains? please do tell me 😅

  3. first who gonna take care the shark and second who gonna massage u when u live with ur family?..

  4. Pays 20 mil for a house.

    Only goes there to sleep, because works all day to pay for expensive house.

  5. Would be great if the person giving the tour was a bit more passionate, he is really dull. Makes me want to skip the video

  6. When I read the title I was thinking it would be a big aquarium tank, not a puddle with a shark in it.

  7. 2:13 I was not sure if the price was fair but after hearing you can drink your water 23 million sounds reasonable

  8. The shark tank is absolutely unnecessary and showcases nothing but cruelty to a majestic sea creature that belongs to the ocean! COME ON IDIOTS! Scrape the stupid shark tank off this soulless house!

  9. My uncle lives in Hollywood and is house is valued at $27 Million and is way bigger but that house isnt to big

  10. I swear I've seen this house in pron videos. And Swallow drive😏, literally can't breathe.

  11. Jesus this comment section. The house may be extremely expensive and the shark tank is ridiculous but it's still a crazy good house. Everyone making it sound like an apartment in the slums of Mumbai.

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