Today we take you to 1369 Londonderry Place, a $35 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles, California. A short walk from the Sunset Strip, the property boasts 6 bedrooms and 10 baths across 14,000 square feet of space, complimented by a unique double-decker glass-bottomed pool. The wellness center has a hot yoga room with living walls, providing fresh oxygen at all times. A $50K cryogenic chamber is perfect for rejuvenating skin cells, while the swim up bar is ideal for rejuvenating your guests’ cocktails. This fully-automated, luxury smart home needs to be seen to be believed.

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Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market


50 thoughts on “Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market

  1. Rich people be like: Don’t like the stairs because they come from Italy. Don’t want corona virus!

  2. Everyone is trying to be funny here. This directly reflects why not many people aren't successful. This is my goal. Buying this home. Moreover, Architectural digest brokers have done an amazing job showcasing this masterpiece. Guys and gals, we should appreciate the affluence of this place and appreciate the hard work that has gone into making this video. Nevertheless, I loved this place, if I'd the money I'd immediately buy this house. It's that amazing.

  3. Nice modern design open wall mansion. I like the open view of the living room and the bike in the living room. I like the master bedroom and the view. I like the African stone floor in the pool area. I also like the office that open to the pool.

  4. Okay, just hold on to it for like 65 years or so. I'll save up and grab it off you

  5. The house too big,,you won't able to see each other..not good for a family

  6. I imagine the one fat guy doing a cannonball into the glass pool and breaking through to the bottom floor

  7. First of all, I wanna know how much engineers were working and how much time it took

  8. Some please use Final cut or Premier and remove this guy and his voice from this House presentation. I can't get through the video with sound.

  9. This guy radiates all kind of horrible energies every comment about him is probably ture lol.

  10. Is it just me or does this place seem like somewhere where a lot of orgies happened?

  11. Who ever is filming this videos and editing is just not doing a great job. Can i be hired id do it better and cheaper? its so dull

  12. Its so funny how in the previous video this real estate agent was completely different but changed his style and persona to match the house he is selling – BRILLIANT

  13. The lady: “And it could be yours…

    For 33 000 000 $”

    Me: “oh okay now where to I get that money”

  14. The road to getting up to this house is absolutely terrifying. Extremely steep. No joke.

  15. This house is better than some of the other houses on this Chanel that are like 75mil+ that pool is actually the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

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