Today Architectural Digest brings you inside the lush home of Hollywood star Dakota Johnson. The wood-framed house features wall-sized windows in the living room, perfect for highlighting the decorative crystals that pepper the space. From the books that line the walls of her home office to the fruit-bearing citrus trees in the backyard, Dakota’s home is a reflection of the things that bring her joy.

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Inside Dakota Johnson’s Serene Hollywood Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


50 thoughts on “Inside Dakota Johnson's Serene Hollywood Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  1. I don’t like the backyard and the whole house is scary to me. It looks like a house from the horror movies where the killer is breaking inside of your home because there are way to much windows and doors.

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  3. Dakota Johnson is a younger, more modern version of Moira from Schitt's Creek. The tea bag fortune puts it over the top for me.

  4. Dakota's passion for books is so much correlated with the same interest of her character in 50 shades.. Love it

  5. "Nobody can really sit in this table, people fall out of them. Isn't that so satisfying and amazing? "

  6. she’s quirky cool and humble with confidence, i hope to grow up to be like her someday 🙂

  7. This women is so soft spoken, gentle and calm.. ♥️🌺🙏 love u Dakota ♥️

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