Inside Disney’s Bold $200M Gamble on ‘Mulan’: “The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher”

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8 thoughts on “Inside Disney’s Bold $200M Gamble on ‘Mulan’: “The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher”

  1. I’m pretty sure the gamble is targeting a movie SPECIFICALLY to China. Whether they admit or not, it seems very clear that they are pitching Mulan to a Chinese audience. It might not be a billion dollar Frozen sized hit, but they could easily make a profit on Mulan from Chinese box office alone. A poor-to-middling North American showing is likely a scenario they’ve already considered and have decided they’re ok with it.

  2. Definitely hyperbole. Mulan could make negative money and nothing will change at all. Disney will not notice the loss, and they will almost certainly continue to make live-action remakes of classic cartoons.

  3. This is the only Disney live-action remake in ages that I’m actually looking forward to, and I doubt I’m the only person thinking that. The movie will do fine, it looks a whole lot better than Aladdin, Lion King or Dumbo.

  4. Why is this one any riskier than the live action lion king and Aladdin? ..Mulan was huge.

    Disappointed it doesn’t seem to have the dragon 🙁

  5. Disney made billions last year. 200 mill is a drop in the bucket. It’s no gamble at all.

  6. This thing could turn a profit with as little as $500 million. That’s not too big of a risk.

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