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Special mid week drone video of Universal Studios Hollywood. Twitter, Instagram, FB and any other social media there is was active yesterday as stories circulated the 4 mazes in construction had been removed. As you can see, the mazes are still there. This was a quick flight done during a break at work, so not too detailed of getting various angles.

Metro mazes – observed during edit – construction worker on green scissor lift appears to be removing part of the facade and the right side is shorter than it was on the last video. Nothing additional noticed at the other mazes.

Jurassic World TESTING again!!! Animatronics working. Today there was no wind. When the boat nears the Indominus Rex area, the trees definitely start moving. There is also something that appears like a small dinosaur moving next to the gyrosphere. Nothing observed moving in the pen. Nothing observed moving under the covers as you enter the lift to the show building.

Huge amount of steel placed in Super Nintendo World since Saturday’s video.

Work on Super Silly Funland area with another crane.


14 thoughts on “Is Hollywood HHN still on? Jurassic World testing animatronics. Super Nintendo World construction!

  1. If we don't get another ride in this land, I'd be pissed. USH has the potential to improve but it seems like they're not going all out like they do with USJ.

  2. Fun fact, bottom left at 5:52 you can see the staircase that will probably be the queue for the MarioKart ride, especially since Bowser's Castle will most likely be at that corner.

  3. Here’s my thing ima be pissed about if universal opens before sept why open if HHN is not going to happen

  4. Seems like a lot more progress has been made in the Nintendo World area. You can already see what is likely Princess Peach’s castle starting to go vertical over by the area adjacent to the transformers ride.

  5. We might get word whether HHN is cancelled or not within the next two weeks. Honestly I hope it gets cancelled because cases are going up and California has rollback all openings.

  6. This is good to see because I knew there were people who were nervous that HHN in Hollywood would be cancelled

  7. There is definitely movement in the indominus rex pen in the trees and there was no wind today. There is also small dinosaur or something moving near the gyrosphere. Will get better video next time. This was a quick lunch break video.

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