Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan’s new Netflix limited series Hollywood is here! With Darren Criss, Patti LuPone, Jeremy Pope, Samara Weaving, Laura Harrier, Dylan McDermott, and more, Hollywood follows aspiring actors and filmmakers willing to do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true. In my review of the series, I talk about what worked and didn’t work, including the power of representation and the current landscape of Hollywood.

Join me in the comments below to continue the conversation — and feel free to leave recommendations of what I should review or react to next!

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21 thoughts on “Is Netflix's Hollywood Worth The Watch?

  1. It’s literally so bland. I don’t get it. It tries hard to be deep but it’s not.

  2. I was really rooting that rock hudson got to live his truth in this series .. And I'm glad that they made it that way

  3. Overall I found this series incredibly shallow, quite predictable and underwhelmingly acted. On a positive note it looked fantastic!

  4. I didn't care for the show. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It was just blah to me. Like you mentioned, it was so fake. Much of Hollywood is like that, but as a story it seemed so unrealistic. Everything 'looked' too perfect, especially in the beginning when all the characters are supposed to be struggling actors, writers, etc. Example, all their clothes were too perfect and brand new, they didn't look like the typical struggling actor. It would have been more realistic and interesting to see one of them as a waiter or server. It was the 2nd half of the show that I didn't like the most – it was too easy. EVERYONE got what they dreamed and unfortunately, that is not the real world – especially in Hollywood I would imagine. And while, I liked the spin of making gay representation more visible in the 40's, like most shows, they forget there are gay women. I'm a gay woman and the over representation of only gay men was disappointing, like you guys aren't the only same-sex couples in the world. I'd give it a 6/10.

  5. There is a deff shift between the reality and the optimistic altered historical fiction and you could feel the shift. I had a hard time with Rock Hudson part. He was so hurt. I just wanted to help him. Great mini series. Wonderful intro.

  6. Yeaaa Claire brought her A game and then drop the ball. And I’ve never seen anywhere in the earlier episodes that she was insecure around Camille. I only sense a bit of rivalry.

  7. Here’s to typing out this comment hoping no one I know personally see this. 😅 Jeremy Pope really spoke to me if you get me…

  8. I think the reason we still have misrepresentation etc is because of human nature. People are always going to be slightly unequal because….That's the way we humans like it. The history of humans isn't really about reaching this perfect state of total equality for all. People are too selfish for that. Never gona get there.

  9. Rock Hudson was far more sexy than the actor who played him. He looked like a grown man, a hot MAN, not like the college boy who portrayed him.

  10. The show was badly written pap. Very hackish, like most of Ryan Murphy stuff. Fangirl fiction writ large. It's a total fantasy. Wokeness by itself doesn't translate into good material.

  11. I really enjoyed it and the strong messages it had to share about the LGBTQ+ and the African American community. I appreciated how it showed the obstacles of getting a film produced and just behind the scenes of the film industry. I think that the characters need more development though so a few more episodes could have helped that

  12. So, I am not gonna lie. The trailer made this show look messy as hell so I am glad that you pointed out the good things.

    Plus, I am SO here for more representation and LGBT content.

  13. Somehow i respect netflix more because some of their shows are insanely good

  14. I may be part of the unpopular opinion here, but I thought Hollywood was fabulous. To see a series dive into the gritty and not so beautiful sides of show business and what people did to achieve Old Hollywood glamour in such a forward and promiscuous way was refreshing to see. To me, it felt that the story was more centered around having Archie who is this black gay writer trying to make it, and Camille this young black girl trying to go from supporting maid role to romantic lead and to have so much focus on Jack did feel a little weird at times. I wish there were maybe a standard 10-12 episodes to give more of a breathing room for characters like Archie, Camille, and Claire but I thought the first few episodes were great on painting a picture to set up the rest of the show. I even think giving more of the background of Ernie would've been nice to see.

    I also appreciated the fact that the writers chose to make Claire a friend to Camille and not the stereotypical rich white racist girl (especially in movies that are dated) who does everything in her power to keep Camille from achieving said dreams. I understand your comment about her throwing away her opportunity, but how many times do we see a white person give a helping hand to a black person to be seen as brilliant or as talented as Camille was especially when the chances for black people during that time were extremely slim. It's usually always the opposite and I think moments like that really gave Claire a refreshing sense of character and personality that came as a surprise to many viewers. Yea she had moments of her being shallow, but also moments that she really wanted to connect and stand up for what was right ie encouraging Jack to see himself as a star and attempting to stand up for Camille at the Oscars.

    I am very happy that this show touches on a plethora of topics. Black rights, LGBT rights, the fluidity of sexuality, the disturbing things that people in power do to people who are desperate in getting ahead, interracial love (especially in that time), interracial love via the same sex, infidelity and the reasons why people might be unfaithful in marriages, ageism and what ageism can do on marriage, Asian fetishism and how white America saw and may still see Asian characters in the film, the fear/courage of standing up for what is right in the face of potential danger and bringing up how oppression doesn't look the same for everyone ie when Camille and Archie told Raymond that his struggles are different than his because the world sees him as a white man but they can't hide their sexuality and skin color and how Archie expressed to Avis that a White Jewish woman had the privilege of walking down the street holding hands with her husband, but he didn't share the same rights as she.

    It was also cool to see how all of these characters came together in their own special ways to form this team of talented and determined individuals to make a history-changing film in this alternative world. It reminds me of how people these days say find your team and collaborate as much as possible because that is how you truly make it and that aspect of this series was a testament to that. I do agree that the characters should have been flushed out a little more, but overall I truly appreciated this series especially as an Actor in LA on my own journey.

    It was a fantasy, it was over the top, but also very real and relatable in a lot of ways. As always I appreciate your commentary and I love your channel so much!

  15. Agreed. I would have liked more development from the characters they focused a bit too much on Jack. I did find it entertaining though wasn’t sure what to really expect so I was like woah in the beginning 😂

  16. You made some really good points. I love this show. I feel like the happy ending was so unique because we have been told time and time again when watching things like this that have character like these don’t or can’t win, so to see them succeed did my heart good. When the film was burnt I was ready for that. I literally braced my self not to get my feelings to hurt because people like me don’t win in stories. We are easy targets a lot of writers have used to stir up emotion in stories. But then the next episode things are back on track and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I think the code word at the gas station is perfect because this whole show is a Dreamland. The pace was definitely off the last few episodes. I would have loved to see them go to the premier and flush out some of the characters but over all I loved it and your review.

  17. I loved the show but I had two big problems with it that I felt stopped the show from being truly great and near perfect.

    The first one being I don't understand why Jack Castello was the main character in this story and not Archie or Camille since the main plot of this story is truly centered on them. It seems a bit tone-deaf to talk about representation and having people of color in main roles but the show still finding a way to sideline two characters of color with a cishet white male lead. I think the story would have benefitted from having either Archie or Camille as the main character and leaving Jack in a supporting role like Samara Weaving's character.

    The second problem I have is that I honestly feel like Camille was miscast for this role. Laura Harrier is extremely beautiful and has the look for what I think would be considered attractive in 1950's Hollywood but her acting is far from the best especially when her character is supposed to be the best actress and the best choice. I felt like her acting ability took away from the story and was constantly taking me out of the show since I could never buy that her character was a good actress.

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