Concerns over coronavirus COVID-19 are officially affecting Hollywood as New York-based talk shows including “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” “The View” and “The Wendy Williams Show” have begun taping without live studio audiences. Celebrities like Debra Messing are also stepping up their precautions, while self-confessed germophobe Naomi Campbell wore a full hazmat suit to the airport.
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Is The Pandemic Shutting Down Hollywood?



12 thoughts on “Is The Coronavirus Shutting Down Hollywood?

  1. I hope it does shut down Hollyweird…and All the pedos…coronavirus is nothing more than a strain of the common cold! New system coming in place a reset with 5G and National ID and and vaccines on the way…nothing more than a planned global psyop…starting with Event201 to get the stage set, ready, action…some of us are awake thank god.

  2. Never mind millionaire movie stars, directors, producers and super-rich musicians cuz they’ll be alright but those who are not and work in entertainment business…I feel pretty bad😢.

  3. WE LOVE IT. TO HELL WITH THESE A-HOLES. They all can get it and die off….just like they want conservatives to die off.

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