A visit to the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street in Los Angeles California for the limited time pop up IT Chapter 2 attraction . A themed carnival and fun house walk thru .

The Original 2017 IT Experience

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33 thoughts on “IT Chapter 2 Experience – Haunted House & Carnival Walk Thru Hollywood / Pennywise Pop Up Attraction

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    It’s a toss up on which was scarier today . Pennywise lurking in the sewers or traffic from Orange County to Hollywood both directions . Goodness is there an “everyone get on The 5 freeway” memo I missed ?

  2. Who else lives in the U.K and can’t get anything like this where they live and is a huge IT fan ?………………………………………..just me ok

  3. I love IT Both new and old movies. The horror rides and walk through rule awsome walk through woo🤘😁🤘

  4. I'm, not 18 and up am 11 years old and I love pennywise that's why I'm watching this

  5. I wish they didn’t add someone to guide them, their lines just make everything cringe tbh 😐

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