It’s Christmastime in Hollywood Graveyard, so throw a yule log on the fire, and cozy up next to the tree with some hot cocoa, as we set out to remember and visit the final resting places of the stars who topped our Christmas trees.

Full list of stars visited today: Washington Irving, Clement Clarke Moore, Thomas Nast, Charles Dickens, George C. Scott, George Albert Smith, Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Travers, Thomas Mitchell, Edmund Gwenn, Maureen O’Hara, Natalie Wood, Robert L. May, Gene Autry, Burl Ives, Larry Mann, Charles Schulz, Boris Karloff, June Foray, Thurl Ravenscroft, Jimmy Durante, Haven Gillespie, Fred Astaire, Mickey Rooney, Keenan Wynn, Ed Wynn, Darren McGavin, Dudley Moore, Judy Garland, Sammy Cahn, Dean Martin, Mel Torme, Robert Wells, Bobby Helms, James Pierpont, George Frederic Handel, Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin.

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Written & Produced by Arthur Dark
Music by Giuseppe Vasapolli
Additional music arrangements by Arthur Dark, and E’s Jammy Jams.
“Here We Come A-wassailing” & “Joy to the World” performed by the U.S. Army Band Chorus.

Disclaimer: Tour videos are independently produced, and are not endorsed by the respective cemetery. When visiting a cemetery, do so only during regular visiting hours, take only pictures, and leave only approved grave offerings. Be courteous and respectful of both the living and the dead. In deference to families of those profiled herein, any requests to remove profiles by family members of the individual will be honored.

Copyright: Short excerpts of media featured in this video are copyright of their respective owners, and are used herein for commentary and reference under “fair use.” Please contact us with any copyright concerns if you feel the use of your property does not meet the conditions of “fair use,” we’ll be happy to comply.

Famous Grave Tour videos copyright Hollywood Graveyard. Original music copyright Giuseppe Vasapolli.


47 thoughts on “It's Christmastime in Hollywood Graveyard

  1. Have you thought about doing country music?? Go to Nashville and Bristol tn/va. You may find some

  2. Wow I cant believe it's a wonderful life was not to popular Back when it first came out

  3. Arthur deserves accolades for the dignity he pays to the stars of yesterday👏well done

  4. When I was a kid in the 70s, the song we heard all the time over the holidays (and that is still one of my faves) is "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway. The poor man. I know he's buried in MO, so I understand why he isn't in this video. Nat King Cole could've been, though, as his version of "The Christmas Song" is also very popular.

  5. The person who wrote Frosty the Snowman song is buried right in Keyser West Virginia so if you ever do another Christmas special you might want to look into it I'd be really willing to take a video of it for you

  6. Thank you for posting this video. Though sad that we have lost so many awesome Christmas figures, the memories are encouraging and uplifting! Let's keep singing! God Bless!

  7. Otis redding. His white Christmas is perfect. His voice is so God dam amazing. Definitely one of the best.

  8. Just love the way you take a theme then make it irresistible. You entertain us and educate us so wonderfully at the same time. I remember seeing "White Christmas" with my grandmother. I adored the amazing colours, the wonderful songs and got caught up in the romance.of it all. Whenever I hear Bing Crosby sing, I can picture my gran and me walking hand in hand to the cinema. I loved her dearly, and it's a beautiful reminder of our wonderfully close relationship.

  9. Actually, Olivia de havilland is still alive and shes over 100 years old. She is one of the last old hollywood actors .

  10. I was happy to see where Maureen O'hara was laid to rest. She carried me around at a party that my parents were at in the Virgin Islands in the very early 70's. It's an old family story that I always took pride in. RIP 🙂

  11. June Foray just missed living to her 100th birthday. She had something in common with the man who created the Grinch, Theodore (Dr.Seuss) Geisel: they were both from the same hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts.

  12. OMG, George C. Scott! I LOVE his work! One of my all-time favorite spooky movie s is The Changeling. But yeah, he NAILED Ebenezer Scrooge!

  13. What about George Michael and the Wham hit Last Christmas? He also (ironically) died on Christmas day 2016. Sadly his sister, Melanie died Christmas day 2019.

  14. I'm surprised that the USA didn't make Irving Berlin a special mausoleum due to his patriotic songs. He was pure talent. Amazing how so many stars die young and just as many die very old. I guess genetics play a huge role in our longevity.

  15. Burl Ives has the best Frosty the Snowman and Gene has the best Rudolph. I loved Ives in Cat on hot roof. Paul Newman was sexy, and you could tell his character was gay, but they cut a lot of Williams play.

  16. @ 14:00 that record by Gene Autry was a gift from a great aunt. She gave it to me on vinyl and it sounds so much better than on cd or cassette. I listen to Gene's holiday music on every holiday. Stars today don't put their heart and soul into music like they did back in the Golden Age. I think I was born 6 decades too late. Lol

  17. My (and my family's) fav scrooge rendition is Albert Finney in the musical movie by the name of scrooge (not a Christmas carol) it's a great version! And I usually don't like musicals

  18. I don't understand why Maj. Gen. Jimmy Stewart has no military recognition on his stone. He was a hero and should also be remembered as such. Vets should always be remembered and their service never forgotten.

  19. 11:06 my wife was an extra in O'Hara's last feature film (Only the Lonely) with comedy legend John Candy.

  20. Aw man, I was out of towwn when you released this. I'ts crazy to think that these people not only had good careers in entertainment, but they also helped to build up Christmas traditional shows, films,. and music. Without these entertainers, Christmas would have been a different holiday.

  21. There is a movie from 1942 called Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Marjore Reynolds. There's another Holiday Inn movie with Bing Crosby & Danny K.

  22. We'll have to differ. In my opinion, the best version of Christmas Carol was the 1951 black & white British version starring Alister Sym.

  23. I saw the video clip about the Pierce brothers cemetery in North Hollywood that is in the news because of many complaints. Thousands of graves seem to have disappeared and it appears that most of the cemetery is empty. It will be nice if you could look into the matter and keep your subscribers up to date about the sad neglect of this cemetery.

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