With Antonio Sabato Jr. claiming he has been unable to find work since his endorsement of President Trump in 2016, Larry decides to look into just how tolerant Hollywood is of those with conservative political views.

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48 thoughts on “It’s Rare to Find a Conservative in Hollywood | Larry Elder

  1. The reason it's hard to find Conservatives in holloweird is because Conservatives are real people. leftists in holloweird are like Pinocchio. Always wanting to be something they're not: like relevant. So they pretend, all the while lying at every turn!

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  3. As someone who lives in Burbank, they’re here. They’re definitely here. But the pure hatred and intolerance experienced towards anyone against the grain makes it difficult to stand up and declare your beliefs openly. Kind of like how some gay people are afraid to come out of the closet out of fear, conservatives are afraid to come out from under the white hood (kidding, playing with that false stereotype).

  4. 🤦🏿‍♂️ I never thought I could dislike Larry Elder anymore than I do but this video just pushed me over the edge. I just hate this guys smug face defending Antonio Sabato Jr like he was a mega star who suddenly fell from grace. Check his acting credits before he publicly expressed himself as a conservative his career was coasting he was mostly in small budget small release projects Larry would make it seem like he was about to be in the next Marvel movie or was up for a Oscar. Sabato Jr tanked his own career by accusing Obama of being a Muslim and so what if he is? So sorry Barack Obama doesn’t pass high and mighty Antonio Sabato Jrs Christian purity test.

  5. Whenever lefties sneer at the conservative claim that Hollywood is biased, I ask them: 'Who's your favourite conservative character in film or TV?' 'Huh? Those characters are all uptight, self-righteous neanderthals.' 'Q.E.D.'

  6. If Obama is a "Christian", he is not one in the Biblical sense. He is clearly not a follower of Jesus Christ. If he were a Christian there would be fruit and in his case we have zero evidence.

  7. Obama is not a Muslim. His religion is Marxism. (Yes, I'm aware that's not usually recognized as a religion.)

  8. To General Powell, I would say: "You, Sir, would never invade a Muslim country and find that its president is a Christian. Why? Because Muslims are smart enough to know that a man raised on the Bible should not rule a country based on the Koran. The two books are incompatible; the latter dismisses the Almighty nature of the former's Savior. Why weren't WE that smart before we put an Islamamour over what is supposed to be a Bible country?

    "What would be wrong with that, you ask? Look around, General. See the country today that your Muslim president fundamentally transformed!"

  9. We knew that obama was muslim when he was pictured wearing their garb and John McCain almost crapped in his britches and praised him. Then when obama gets in the White House, he visited Georgetown Univ. and they made them cover all CROSSES. I guess so that it wouldn't offend him and his Misses. I often wondered why michelle aka Michael wasn't wearing their hijab? I guess she should have wearing a man's suit in front of other muslims is my guess.

  10. He's just a bad actor just like Kevin Sorbo…that clip of his acting chops did him no justice 🤣🤣

  11. Like dry mud, liberals with more money than sense: money is a great
    insulator from reality. In 'Liberal Land' you can transgender into a fairy.
    **Every liberal has their own personal therapist.** ……. to shield them
    from reality.

  12. Conservative actors seem to be much more intelligent than liberal actors for 1 reason:
    They seem to understand that we want them to provide us with entertainment – not politics. And look what happened to Antonio Sabato Jr. when he did state his mind.
    Hollywood has never forgotten McCarthyism.
    “This is not America …”

  13. Were Ronald Regan, John Wayne, Rip Torn etc. conservative? Are John Voight, Kevin Sorbo, James Woods, Chuck Norris, etc conservative? Making blanket statement to incite people to agree with their viewpoints is baiting and it appears that 1225 people took the bait. Well played Larry Elder your stirring up ignorance is tribute to your ability to get youtube views while displaying incomplete research that reinforces your view but ignores facts.

  14. I didn’t give two shits about politics but when liberals started taking over culture and ruining all the things I liked by valuing politics over the story( in this case I’m talking about movies) that’s when I started to look into politics and I realized that the left is exactly what they fight against whether that be intolerance, racism, sexism or whatever.

  15. It’s why I hate seeing a movie with humans in them

    I’m American and god dammit I’ll not allow America to fall to vermin

    my uncles wouldn’t of stood for this

    Leftist have called me a Nazi
    Both uncles fought the Nazis in Normemdy France 🇫🇷as heavy gunners

    I do not believe in god but if god is real he’d considers them unquestionable saints!

  16. Maybe we can start a war in Hollywood then, because since 2009, they have gotten crazier.

  17. That's why Antonio and Shannen Doherty became a couple, also.why shes so hated, bc they're both conservatives in hollywood. She was kicked off of charmed bc despite holly also being a conservative (it at least she use to be who knows now) she was quiet unlike shannen who had absolutely now problem arguing about politics with that psycho alyssa milani. So she was kicked off the show bc of it. So holly learned to keep her mouth shut and shannen learned how many doors close when u open ur mouth about politics. Which sucks, but I love both shannen and antonio, and tho charmed was always my favorite show when Shannen left the show quickly declined.

  18. Larry, I'm from Asia and I don't find Hollywood relevant anymore. Hollywood was all glitter and shine in the 80's and 90's for the Asian countries but today; it's obviously a trash propagandizing cog that doesn't produce any movies worth watching anymore.

  19. I am suddenly a massive fan of Antonio. Takes courage to stand up for truth in Hollywood. 🥰🥰🥰

  20. That thing of Hollywood being a liberal nest of snakes was incredibly addressed in Ronald Reagańs Book “Ronald Reagan, An American Life” since those days Hollywood was already a bunch of bloated shit. I recommend anyone conservative to read

  21. We are WAY past liberal and conservative. Hollywood hates America, and a Patriot in Hollywood is as rare as the Amur Leopard.

  22. It is well past time for a new film industry in the United States. A film industry that is not being strangled by A democratic agenda. A film industry that does not randomly change characters ethnic groups. This is a method that Hollywood uses. just to pull in people that would normally not watch their movies and shows. I personally dislike that every single movie and TV show today that forces a homosexual agenda on America. What people do in their own private life is none of my business. That being said it is against my beliefs. A homosexual agenda should not be forced upon me in every movie and TV show. If you disagree with me that is your right. But I challenge you to find a movie or TV show that does not do this. I also challenge you to find a Hollywood produced movie or TV show. That does not make it seem okay for people to illegally immigrate to the United States. I know what many of you are going to say. My response is I do stop watching the movie or show. there is no reason to make a hedrosexual character a homosexual character. other than to say there is homosexual content in the film and this will make more homosexuals want to watch it.

  23. I believe he is an atheist, who loves communism. I believe he has respect for Islam, just the same reason that Hitler did. Islam, communists, socialists, all believe in the collective. There is no room for the individual.

  24. I wonder if puss Ron Howard left Georgia like he said he would or did he stay for the really good tax breaks that the Southern state offered him and these tv/film assh*les? He couldn't take his liberal Cali state raping his back side. We need to forceably remove all liberals from red states and confine them to just 3 or 4 states and build a wall to keep them away from the good American citizens.

  25. I get so impressed with that topics that Larry talks about, that Liberal leftist act like they don’t exist and actually many people are convinced even millennials with conservative parents. Because of the situation you could call liberal lefties genius for the job, which accuses different opinions as political incorrect.

    Politically incorrect is applied only in countries with one party. The best jobs are filled with people that support that one party. Many people asked refugee in America to avoid those countries with one party.

  26. I get tired of these kinds of complaints. There are enough rich conservatives and enough conservatives willing to donate or invest that if you really want conservative shows, movies, networks, websites and schools, you can make them. It's the same problem with feminists complaining that not enough CEOs are women, or the complaint among minorities that there's not enough stuff for them. Larry has even spoken in the past about how many successful black people who complain about racial victimization don't support their own people when in a position to do so.

  27. With all due respect: what is the point of Obama's religion? I mean, Hollywood in general is quite left-leaned. No question about it. But does this change depending on Obama's faith, or on what people think Obama's religion is?

  28. Larry Elder shows us it's hard to find a true conservative in Hollywood. I think this is obvious as to exactly why that is.

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