#JadenHossler , #BryceHall & The Sway House Confront #ChaseHudson At The Hype House Mansion 7.6.20 – TheHollywoodFix

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37 thoughts on “Jaden Hossler, Bryce Hall & The Sway House Confront Chase Hudson At The Hype House Mansion 7.6.20

  1. All of these kids are clowns lmao, and why is the one kid wearing a yellow vest like a tool

  2. dang the hype house won tiktok liok nice and happy but this:😳😳😳😳🤐

  3. Bryce jumping a 5 foot fence

    Me not being able to jump over a small step stool😔

  4. is it just me or was bryce effortlessly jumping over that fence really hot?!

  5. me being like:why can’t you all y’all at the side not like in the middle of the road-

  6. Can we just talk about how inisent cooper is like i knew him way before he got famous and now hes in drama 😔

  7. i don’t care about hype house, sway house, or any other house i just live this drama

  8. But like they all didn't have to go in there it should've been Jaden, Bryce, Quinton, and Blake that's it.

  9. I feel like chase is being bullied everywhere he goes and I don’t like he is being treated 🚫

  10. I have a theory…what if they started this drama because tik tok is at the risk of shutting down and this way they could have a smooth transition into youtube. They would make videos like "addressing the drama" and establish a audience and pull millions of views. That would be the biggest uno reverse of the century.

  11. Bryce: why can't I go in?
    Sway boys: no, we can't Bryce
    Bryce: ight, i'm coming jumps fence effortlessly

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