The “Family Matters” star opens up about Michelle Thomas’ tragic passing during his reading on “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry”.

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Jaleel White Breaks Down Over Costar’s Death | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


25 thoughts on “Jaleel White Breaks Down Over Costar's Death | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  1. Of course Jaleel White is broken up still over the death of Michelle Thomas's passing. A beautiful and talented young woman who passed beyond too early in life. Only thirty.. she passed during the airing of the final season of the series. She was beloved by the entire cast.

  2. I have seen a lot of readings from this show and i gotta say this is the only one that i truly still tear up on.

  3. This pisses me off. He DEFINITELY knew who Jaleel was and he definitely knew bringing up Michelle would strike a nerve. If he's so intuitive, bring up something that can't be found on google.

  4. How does a Hollywood medium, not know who Steve urkel is? All you had to do was Google the person on your list. People are actually believe this crap?

  5. I hate these mediums. They prey on people who are looking for closure!! Every medium is always found a fraud but yet people keep buying the magic beans.

  6. Fake show 101.
    Whether its "Michelle Thomas" or "Phillip Michael Thomas" you can find out just about everything
    you want to know about a person through social media.

  7. This guy 100% Googled Jaleel without a doubt and is just acting as if he has absolutely no clue who Jaleel (Steve Urkel) is, I also think that is why he only has celebrity readings cause he can Google all their business! This guy is full of BS!

  8. The medium is a fraud. Like all mediums are frauds.

    That said it’s sad to see this. I feel for steve this girls family and friends

  9. That medium is a fraud you can google stuff but however it was still sad to watch Jaleel break down you can tell they were actually friends 😕😔

  10. She died very young I wish she can live more longer and it's very sad she passed away like all her smiles

  11. This isnt psychic… Anyone can do there research and find this stuff out… Than u have this kid with bad acting trying to act all "oh wat, wat does that mean, c'mon man really. Cut it out, u mean to tell me u didnt know elle was connected to michelle who was steve urkles gf

  12. One thing that gets me is that she died the same year the show ended. That being said, no disrespect to Jaleel, but I do think that he got played by this guy. Family matters has been around for so long and is still getting played in reruns today. Even if say he didn't know the show at all he could've still looked him up before they met face to face. I have a strong belief in life after death but, I think Jaleel got played. I feel so sorry for him.

  13. I used to love family matters as a kid, Steve was my favorite nerdy character of all time.

  14. Its heartbreaking to see Jaleel fondly remember his friend, but Mediums are just vultures willing to play on people's feelings for money.

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