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5 thoughts on “James Darren appears on Hollywood A Go Go

  1. "Tom Hark" is a South African melody that was an off-the-wall #1 hit across the pond in the late '50s. It and a big-band version by British bandleader Ted Heath were huge UK hits and got a little airplay over here (notably in Minnesota). I had no idea that Jimmy Darren recorded it or that it even had lyrics. Great lost clip! BTW- This song is still played over there as a warmup to English soccer matches.

  2. Ich bin süchtig nach diesem Song – und nach diesem Video! Vielen vielen Dank fürs Einstellen!!!!

  3. I found out through the Gazzarri Dancers web site that this was James Darren singing 'Tom Hawk' on what is unfortunately the final episode of Hollywood A Go Go which aired on February 5, 1966. Too bad a retro tv station hasn't picked this show up for us all to enjoy! Hint, hint!

  4. What is the name of this song? Loved it and the awesome Gazzarri Dancers! They're all great dancers, but look at Jaquie move! She's the one to the right of James Darren on the lower stage. I read she did some of the choreograph for the dancers on some of the shows.

  5. Great vintage video, but it would look so much better without the V0730 numbers across the screen.

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