For over 12 years, James Lipton has been interviewing the hottest Hollywood celebrities for his show “Inside the Actors Studio.” In this interview, Lipton shares advice for careers in Hollywood from his personal experiences and the hundreds of guests he’s had a chance to sit down with.


39 thoughts on “James Lipton gives advice for careers in Hollywood

  1. I have a story that may shed some on light on the "genius" or "gift" or whatever the fuck you want to call it!…Anyway, not to brag, I had an acting teacher in college tell me in front of the entire class, after a Monologue from Our Town…..My teacher paused and responded with…
    "You know you have something that I can't teach in this class…..Stage Presence!"
    It's the ability to naturally captivate the audience and dominate that stage or camera or both!
    The list of the 5 actors that had that & training….
    Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, Kathy Bates, Sissy Spacek, Madeline Kahn!

  2. genius? you mean natural looks, facial expressions, voice tone, these are genetics not genius, and who you know and luck, de niro had a rep of being so quiet people couldn't read with him and shy, only because he met scorsese at a high end party and they made stuff together did he take off, plus his mother was very well know in the business and his father was an artist with works in the galleries.,so there no genus at all, you can have a genius moment on film but thats every one involved not just you, camera lights, direction, script other actors reactions,this gives you the result. such egotististical rubbish. love his show, not what he says.

  3. Lipton is right. Talent is important, yes, but training is even more important. There's a reason why all the greats work so hard and go to acting class. It helps tremendously. Why do you think they so often choose British and Australian actors to play American actors, some of them are so well trained.

  4. Careers that ARE available ?? Does this kid live in L.A. ? I'm a cinematographer and there is no work at all because it is like playing the lottery or knowing the right people to get any work. DO NOT COME TO L.A. if you have a dream of being a filmmaker or an Actor. Living here of course does not grant you anything, perfect your craft, be serious about it, and focus on getting it out to the world, instead of this Hollywood/L.A. dream. This city will eat you alive and spit you out!

  5. Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Eleonora Duse…

  6. you don't. You learn to accept that you have no control what-so-ever and you take the journey not knowing where you will end up. You understand that there is no one-all technique and that the only person you can rely on is yourself, where as, you know nothing. The only thing you have, is your open heart, your imagination, and your ability to show up. Everything else is out of your control or knowing..

  7. 5? I see 2…In comparison to the rest that aren't….and even if you scratch to find more it will not be a dominant figure outweighing those who are not…

  8. Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And that's just 5.

  9. The guy interviewing needs to be quiet and let the man talk. He kept saying "mhm" "right" "right" "sure" .. no good man.

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  11. Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen to this the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. get to know here

  12. How many A grade actors can you actually name that are even Jewish?

  13. i think talent is measured in diferent ways. some are talented listeners , some are great at breaking down script but in the end i think it comes to being able to effect and make your viewer resonate/ relate to what your saying in other words your ability to tell the story and effect the person watching.
    keep in mind pacino,deniro, brando, newman all the ppl mentioned did it for many many many years on and off stage and they came around the time when the hollywoodboom was happening.

  14. All these jealous comments make me sick. Why the vitriol? How is he pompous? Maybe his acting body of work is not significant, but he is a great interviewer. Was Johnny Carson a slug because he had no acting chops? Fuck all you fucks.

  15. This, from someone who has done precious little in Hollywood.
    This clown has done nothing to add to the body of work from Hollywood!

  16. Why the insults against this man? I like him he sounds very knowledgeable

  17. What has Lipton done aside from hosting Inside The Actors Studio? Has he ever acted in a significant role? Seems like he spent the better part of his early and middle years taking minor gigs on daytime TV soaps. He's perhaps the most pretentious man alive at the moment

  18. Im sure you have an arsenal of movies in your filmography, but rosario dawson has more than 30 films as a professional actress. Anyway, what i meant was that's luck when you dont know somebody, because if you do know somebody, well the job is half done and I think that happens in any profession.

  19. it's not luck, it's more about who you know…also rosario dawson isn't shit

  20. The analogy of playing football and acting is a really really bad one. You could be perfect for a role without any training, it has happened hundreds of times. Rosario Dawson was discovered sitting on her porch and she is now a great actress. I think yes, you need some innate attitude to act, to deliver. Training? I dont know, its better but not NECESSARY. Without training you probably will never play different parts, but you can be typedcast and do well. Sigh, hollywood… its luck at the end

  21. This guy is interviewing james lipton but james is educating the kid

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