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Jamie Foxx calls out his Hollywood friends telling them to come out to a protest instead of tweeting from behind their phones. He also meets with the mayor of San Francisco.

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37 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Puts His Hollywood Friends On Blast And More

  1. Jamie, May God continue to guide you and bless you as you move forward towards this journey. Let’s make a change so our children can have a better life! This is 2020. God bless you stay safe.

  2. One comedian said he’s comfortable in the back sit the other comedian said I’m not a comedian or star I’m just a man from Texas he said these people need to see our face ….. a black man Presents is power if you don’t believe that well ask every child who has there father or father figure in their life and ask the ones who don’t 🤔

  3. 🙏Father in Jesus name keep Jamie Fox and his brothers and sisters Father, keep the safe. Keep them safe from every way of danger and hostile situations. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ upon them right now amen.

  4. Well done Jamie. We can't give up on ourselves. We are all we really got is each other. Better days are ahead……

  5. Let’s remember the ones who remembered us and forget the ones that didn’t. Jamie Fox is a real one!

  6. Winston Churchill was a racist hence why we are taking down his statute in the UK! I’m done! We’ve already taken down many other racist statutes of other dictators. 🤮

  7. Careful Jamie. Check your plane or cars before boarding just in case. Those demons can try and harm you but nothing will harm you in Jesus Name. Watch your back brother. No weapon formed against against us shall prosper! Amen!

  8. Black lives will continue to elevate God said no weapon formed against us shall prosper

  9. Civil rights crimes and murders deserve the death penalty this needs to be the law so they know we mean business

  10. We need to ask for the death penalty for officers and people committing crimes and deaths put into law all across America let’s make it happen and make real history

  11. When celebrities get active and show support, it's greatly appreciated and definitely needed because it gives their fans that support them by paying for their movies, music, etc., hope. It shows that they care and haven't abandoned the very communities that they came from after becoming rich and famous!

    Police policy must be changed to deter piglets from committing murder and other crimes, right now as it stands the piglets don't answer to anyone for the dirt that they do.

    I can guarantee that if there were a law that stated, "Any officer that kills a suspect that has been apprehended and handcuffed and is no longer a threat to human life, will be put to death by the same manner in which they caused death, will be strictly enforced!", that those Ignorant Bastards would surely think twice before taking a Black man's life! ✌🏽❤

  12. No the best way to help out is change policy, we dont need to see celebrities faces, that's just feeding into their "celebrity ". They need to do their job from their "elevated positions" We need real people, keep your Hollyweirdness.

  13. God bless you so much Jamie using your platform to raise your voice. This is why God raised you to your platform. The Lord is your strength brother. God bless you!

  14. It amazes that MOST of these so-called celebrities NEVER used their platforms for social justice or social change UNTIL now…imo none of this is genuine at all!!!!!

  15. Thank you Mr Foxx! You have great leadership skills. The black community needs you.

  16. So Jamie where is Katie Holmes???? Who are we suppose to call??? Where are your Rich Hollywood friends, I am pretty sure they can afford a plane ticket. If you are white and not a racists how can you sit back and say and do nothing. Writing checks and signing petitions does not fight or ends racism.
    Why are you asking that only after someone dies justice should be done? Should it not start with racial profiling needs to be illegal and abusing 911 should be a crime and why does it take a video to keep police in check and even that does not guarantee.
    Please what movie or project do you have scheduled to be released before the end of the year, all I see is a new way of PR and strengthening your brand. Self promotion under the guise of protesting???
    People stop being Sheep for these celebrities.
    Are you incapable of doing anything without turning it into a concert?


  18. On Django,when you all sicked the dogs on that actor,are you going to get justice for him?

  19. Love Jamie and its just my personal critique and position. But im tired of that damn church organ leading us back into simping….

  20. Thank you Jamie
    Do what you got to do My Brother Love Going Out To The Universe 🌎

  21. George Floyd was a great prophet of TMH! Like they did Able, they spilled the blood of an anointed apple of God's eyes!
    George's blood is potent and TMH heard the cry of George's blood!!!
    R. I. P. Brother George, NO you did NOT die in vain!!!

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