Check out Pay or Wait’s interview with Janet Mock during the AAFCA Virtual Roundtable Series. Watch Pay or Wait’s #JanetMock Hollywood Interview!

Be sure to catch full AAFCA Virtual Roundtable at the below link!

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26 thoughts on “Janet Mock Hollywood Interview

  1. Am I the only one that looks at credits? I have to agree with Janet I feel like more people care about who is behind the camera and in the writer's room as well as who is on screen.

  2. Absolutely love Janet Mock. Her commentary is always so intelligent and nuanced. Happy that you were able to interview Janet Mock, Sharonda!

  3. It's so cool that you got Janet Mock on here, I didn't know she was doing all this stuff.

  4. Omg Janet Mock! Loved this interview, love her perspective on sex work most people who are in support tend to argue a case of survival rather than a case of people providing labour/service.

  5. Awesome stuff Sharronda! Neat to see how you are so real and accessible, yet allow your interview to organically grow. She ran with your questions. Keep up the good work lil sis! 3Gs 🤘🏿😁👍🏿

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