In the wake of western voice actors stepping down, Japan laughs at the can of worms opened up – and points out hypocrisy.


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31 thoughts on “Japan laughs at Western voice actors and Hollywood culture

  1. So should everyone kill themselves because we were not alive before being born?

  2. i hear its racist 2 refer to a race as 'colour/ed', is that true?
    also, stop letting people censor!

  3. Phil Marr voiced Samurai Jack and Boblby and both are not black yet Marr is 🤷‍♀️

  4. Damn Benedict Cumberbatch must be ashamed of voicing Smaug in the Hobbit even tough he's not a dragon himself smh

  5. well western VAs aren't talented enough to have a wide range of voice unlike the JP VAs so yeah no wonder they arrive at this stupidity

  6. 0:10 "You're not allowed to voice act outside your race"

    Anime was originally created in the idea and depiction of white people, sooo…. Do we just throw out all of anime since supposedly now Japanese people can't voice white people? 🤔

  7. This is so stupid: first it assumes that for some reason people of color/asians have different voices than caucasian people which isn't true, second it means that voicd actors now won't be choosen for their skill but for their skin color? How is that less racist?! Jesus fucking christ. In italy Kratos is dubbed by a black man, should they fire him to choose a greek voice actor? (Btw there are no greek voice actors in italy to my knowledge)

  8. So what I am getting from this, is that the Japanese people have more common sense than western people?

  9. The cure for western corruption of entertainment is a full on banzai charge from Asia with Japan at the spearhead

  10. I guess finding nemo needs to find an actual clownfish to voice nemo and his dad

  11. What? So dark elves are discriminatory for black people because it has "dark" in it? Isn't that like racist by itself? Assuming that a certain character or figure is only worth by its color? Wtf???
    Elves aren't even a real race. The ones who associated DARK elves with afroamericans are are "Fighters for social justice" themselves. So who is the racist? The existence of a fictional race doesn't make it racist.

  12. Let the black actors replace Japanese actors in Japanese movies, and let them speak Japanese.

  13. Meh, liberals doing liberals things. They are the real evil in this world. Too bad they have to exist.

  14. What's next? You have to be asian to DRAW an asian character?

    Since when did people care so much who voices who, like gosh its a bloody cartoon that's drawn and animated! Just shut up and enjoy it! You should care more about the artistic integraty/enjoyment factor of a show than what color skin said creator has!

    Ugh…this bs forced anti-racism logic just turned on itself AND HARD!

  15. Samurai Jack was played by a black guy, I don't see anyone going all PC about him.

  16. This shit outta hand whats next prince of Egypt is cancelled cuz a White guy played a Egyptian characters! I thought voice acting was about not seeing the PERSON! LOL!

  17. Future trends- everyone hates their colleagues because they've been employed on the merit of the colour of their skin and their gender.

  18. I think not just japanese, but whole world around western continent should laugh at this nonsense of woke culture. Maybe one day they will "wake up" and look at themselves, how stupid they were with all that senseless rights fighting. It literally gets nowhere.

  19. swear to god if blm thinks they can touch anime they have another thing coming. it is probably the freest form of entertainment out there. half the anime that comes out wouldn't fly in the u.s. as is.

  20. This is so stupid, I do like the argument though, an elf should play an elf, good luck with that lol.

    Japan may not be the fastest moving country in the world anymore but they're definitely way more Progressive, these voice actors and actresses portraying characters of the opposite skin tone or gender have nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for, oh boo hoo a white woman played an Asian American woman, boohoo a white man plays a black man in a cartoon it's the same as blackface (no it isn't), the same characters I'm talking about have made us laugh, made us cry and make us think about life, they were not being portrayed in a bad way, say for example if they actually started talking with a terrible (racially insensitive) Accent on purpose then maybe I'd agree with your argument, so far the characters they brought up like Cleveland and Diane (Bojack) perfect examples of voice actors that did their absolute best with characters.

  21. This would keep more black people out of roles since there are more white characters in animation. Imagine also being Hispanic or Asian, yeah, never getting a role (except for anime I guess if Asian, but then you'd have to be Japanese specifically probably). The other thing is, no one asked for this, these VA's are seeming to do it themselves as if this helps anyone at all.

  22. Sh1t, why are there so many Americans out there trying to make me ashamed of being American… I understand the concept of cultural misrepresentation, but this is seriously pushing it…

  23. Can't wait for a Konosuba Dub were Darkness is voiced by an actual Masochist, Megumin is voiced by a Suicide bomber, Aqua is voiced by a dumb bimbo and Kazuma by a closet weeb.

  24. this is sickening with regards to race and voice actors. sure, i can understand hiring a live-action actor to play a character of the intended race (black actor plays black character), but voice actors are the exception as long as they can sound like the character is supposed to be. if a black voice actor can sound like the whitest "white boy" in the world, than it is fine for him to play that character or a white voice actor sounding like the "blackest black guy", so be it. the audience isn't going to notice the difference from just what they see on screen.

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