More people in Japan begin to take notice of the current Hollywood hypocrisy. The latest news, well known and beloved voice actress, Megumi Ogata, voices her take. Megumi Ogata is famous for roles such Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yugi Moto and Dark Yugi from YuGiOh, Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda in Danganronpa, and Tier Harribel from Bleach.


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47 thoughts on “Japanese VA for Shinji Ikari also mocks Hollywood, Megumi Ogata!

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  2. Seriously I'm a black person and this racist movement is pissing me off.

  3. Who wouldn't mock Americans nowadays considering all this bullshit going on there. Even super tolerant germans start to question themselves.

  4. This just really means Funimation's prominent cast of VA's can't voice Asian characters.

  5. No one ever complained about Ogata voicing a lesbian transgender woman on Sailor Moon, despite being straight and cis.

  6. Stereotyping it is not
    Blatant racism it is
    Understand this sjw NPCs do not


  8. Woke people are clowns at this point. They really need to realize that the world doesn't revolve around them.

  9. The voice of Cleveland from Family Guy was not just the voice but also the creator of the character and posted a passive aggressive resignation message that implied that he didn't want to step down but Disney has a media monopoly and is destroying western media by paying lip service to Twitter for fear of bad press from brigading busybodies with a cult mob mentality.

  10. I've always had a crush on Haruka Tenoh, I've always thought she was hot
    Plus I've seen a lot of black VAs voicing other races

  11. Imagine the way you looking irl having a correlation with a character you're simply voicing. That's ridiculous.

  12. The right won't do anything so….

    It's the fault of all those who sat in their ass instead of just beating the hell out of SJWs and BLM

    Don't say "what are you doing?" I've be wanting to but I'm only one man. You all think facts some how win arguments with these freakshows.

    But…oh well…U'm gonna sit back and enjoy the west's slow suicide.

  13. Megumi Ogata also voice Sailor Uranus and Petz from Sailor Moon and Ken Amada from Twitter

  14. And in the Philippines no one cares about what the western Wierdos talking About! Woke Culture is a tumor thats needs to be remove!

    Oh Samurai Jack was voiced by a Black man and we love it!

  15. No doubt we will also see Social Justice Wackos protesting black actors for the Norse characters of Heimdal and valkyrie… Oh right, as always it is a movement that is solely intended to further suppress white men…

  16. Problem with Hollywood is that it's filled with people with God complexes. Only way to kick them off their thrones is to stop this weird celebrity worship culture.

    One just needs to look at how they implode after mere weeks of no attention during COVID.

  17. So is the West ever going to grow up eventually? No?…..Well that’s just sad.

  18. So every character needs to be played by a character from the same gender, age, race, and so on…………………………
    But they do want english Dubbed anime…………….
    But 99% of every characters in anime are JAPANESE………..
    Something does not add up?

  19. I hope this becomes a cultural trend so i dont have to hear about references to new hollywood projects coming out of anime manga and other eastern entertainment.

  20. Well, I'm from germany, and of course there's a lot stuff from the US dubbed in german available here as it's the standart here to dub things so that everything here can understand them. Fairly certain that it's NOT exactly the norm to get afro-american voice actors who speak german to dub afro-american persons on screen – for obvious reasons; "we" don't have exactly many afro-americans living here who could do that. I dunno, these folks from the US couldn't be more narrow-minded. But then again, it's not exactly surprising considering how they handled entertainment media from the "outside" of the US for decades now, usually trying to "americanize" things as much as possible because apparently US citizens can't handle different cultures?? Pretty sad, really. 🙁

  21. 遠目(Far eye) means You are in a complicated mood and don’t know what to say, so you just look far away and speechless.

  22. She was in Angel Beats as well (Naoi), but nobody seems to remember that… ;_;
    Glad to see she's based and red pilled though.

  23. Are their any space aliens with monkey tails that are pretending to be a Chinese people or green slug people who can replace the terrible Funimation cast ?

  24. Firing a VA just because the character isn't their gender, race, color etc… face palm come on people why does that even matter! Why would anyone replace a great VA who does a character well just to push a narrative of correctness of color, race etc etc? What happened to if you just do horrendously bad you're out or something?

  25. Son Goku, a true legendary figure in anime and manga, a man of incredible musculature and an idol to males the globe over. His japanese VA is a literal old granny. These fools can gtfo with their bullshit.

  26. And this is where a just battle dies and becomes a joke of itself. This is stupid, you have to be free to find the perfect voice for that character, and not the dude/dudette that is more similar to that character. For example, a kid can't dub a kid, not in a long show at least, think about the simpson, for example, can a kid dubbing bart from 1989 to now? absolutely not, a female voice actor is more suited, if you want to mantain consistency for all the show.

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