The video depicts Jeanette’s glittering Hollywood lifestyle, mixing with the great and the good, whilst married to film star Gene Raymond.


8 thoughts on “Jeanette MacDonald – The Hollywood Wife

  1. This is magical. Thank you so much. All the beautiful photos of Jeannette. This is enchanting.

  2. Too bad people believe this. She was in love with Nelson Eddy. There is a ton of evidence to support that!

  3. Thank you these sings were and still are the best of all time
    Reminds me of my lovely Dad who always sang these songs when I was a young little girl

  4. I enjoy all your postings and I especially like the ones of Jeanette and Gene.  I don't know where you find all the photos, but I'm grateful that you do.  Love the music you put with them, too.  Thanks so much.

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