How did actorJeff Daniels sustain a film and TV career while living in Michigan? …By being a really really good actor.

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31 thoughts on “Jeff Daniels 'Aint Buyin What Hollywood is Sellin'

  1. Daniels can stay out of trouble doing this instead of getting trapped into the dark and down right evil side of Hollyweird.

  2. Glad he is not like the elite Hollywood. I have written off so many stars and singers, don’t listen to much music, definitely don’t watch De Niro..

  3. Anyone that blindly hates trump that’s in Hollywood should be scrutinized. I thought Jeff was a better guy. Guess not

  4. He ran when he saw how controlled and satanic it is , well the news is out and all over the intent , human trafficking, satanic rituals , Epstein , it’s all connected ,,#savethechildren

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