Jeffrey Epstein’s Hollywood Pipeline Ran Straight to Harvey Weinstein

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16 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein’s Hollywood Pipeline Ran Straight to Harvey Weinstein

  1. > Jeffrey Epstein used his connections to Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein to impress young women, and even helped one victim land a role in a horror movie produced by a Weinstein-owned company, The Daily Beast has learned.

    > Chauntae Davies was recruited into Epstein’s trafficking ring in 2001, when she was a 21-year-old massage-therapy student in California. She says the perverted financier groomed and sexually abused her for years before she escaped in 2005.

    > Davies’ time in Epstein’s world included a 2002 humanitarian trip to Africa with former President Bill Clinton on the money-manager’s private jet. Actors Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey were along for the ride

  2. They keep throwing us the small fish when we know who all the big fish actually are.

  3. Epstein deserved to have his victims be his firing squad. It’s shitty that he got away with no punishment.

  4. Who’s not surprised by this? I’m not. I’m pretty sure Donald Trump, Weinstein, and Epstein are apart of the same circle of people.

  5. it’s always the god damned steins!

    we should have stopped them way back in franken’s time!

  6. No shit . So they finally came out and said what everyone knew. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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