Jeremy Pope and Jake Picking from Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’ interview each other for MTV News about their relationship in the miniseries and their off-screen chemistry.

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29 thoughts on “Jeremy Pope & Jake Picking on Their 'Hollywood' Relationship | MTV News

  1. Blah blah blah…. Say it through the work… I hate when artist explain every little thing… Blah blah blah….

  2. People are complaining about Jeremy talking a lot but he would pick up whenever Jake started to trail off and he’s just passionate cause he relates to soo much of what Archie experienced. If you’ve watched any other interviews Jake is one of the quieter ones of the cast.

  3. I HAD TO STOP watching the interview because Jeremy wouldn't shut the hell up and allow Jake a minute to speak. Loved the show, am following it up with a lot of the follow up this kind of stuff (which I have never done previously) because of the isolation issue BUT for christ sakes Pope, let your handsome smart funny talented co-star get a word in edgewise.

  4. This show was amazing and these two inspired me, this is the relationship that I want, literally

  5. like…like…like…like…like…like…glad they had screenwriters.

  6. Love them but Jeremy was talking too much and should have let Jake speak a lil more! They seem to be very much like the characters they play! Lol

  7. I'm sorry but he's nothing like Rock Hudson. Rock looked like a MAN an adult. This guy looks too juvenile, like a college boy.

  8. Jeremy Pope talking for five minutes while Jake picking says, “yeah”. Haha.

  9. Absolutely LOVED this series!!! SO SO good! Every actor was really good!!! Hope there’s a second series!! So glad these two took these parts! Both gave great performances!! 💗

  10. I love them, I love Hollywood going to finish it then rewatch it, then rewatch it again

  11. Jake is so beautiful!! And so down to earth, currently on episode five and LOVING every second. 😍

  12. It would have helped if Jeremy was not CONSTANTLY talking and let polite Jake to also state his point of view more in detail, Too annoying at times , yet great acting and chemistry in the series between them, I loved watching and wish them both all the best

  13. The series was so good. It was so inspirational and uplifting, and the story flow and characters were amazing. Phenomenal show 🙂

  14. Their love story made me cry a lot of times in the series, love them so much ♡

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