Jeremy Renner accepting the Hollywood Breakthrough Actor Award at the Hollywood Awards on Oct. 26 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA


38 thoughts on “Jeremy Renner at the Hollywood Awards

  1. Thanks for this. I consider Jeremy one of the best, not just as an actor, but as a person. It’s always nice to see his peers appreciate him. Especially since he is always saying such amazing things about others.

  2. Jeremy Renner is an AMAZING, HOT, SENSITIVE and HILARIOUS actor. He's my favorite actor!!

  3. I just love Jeremy Renner! So down to earth, that's what I really appreciate about him, and he's truly a fantastic actor. Watch out for him, he's climbing up the ladder fast!

  4. i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much he is the best actor in the world and is hot

  5. well this was sweet.
    and indeed God Bless our troops. Freedom ain't even close to free.

  6. When he wins an Oscar and he will one day, he's going to cry like a baby during his acceptance speech.

  7. Aww was he gonna cry ? Hes so adorable,, and he seems short too..x) lol
    He deserved the Oscar..Love him<3(:

  8. i remember when i first saw him in an episode of angel he played a vampire named penn and i knew he was going places he was amazing in that episode i think it was called somnambulist i think that is the spelling xx

  9. I hate it when people give you a hint about an inside joke, but won't tell you the story behind it. Pretty flippin annoying.

  10. I finally saw the hurt locker. what an amazing movie. He was amazing. Jeremy Renner is now my flavor of the month.

  11. He is Such An amazing Actor! And Very Sexy! I truly Adore Him. I'd love to meet him one day. Know I never will but I hold him in my Heart! Wow he is just The Best!

  12. He's so genuinely sweet. I would love to meet him someday. Can't wait to see him in more films.

  13. It made me burst to tears watching how sincerely touched he is..What a great feeling to see a true merit`s appreciation..

  14. great video…except for the cliping of the video in some spots..annoying,but he is worth it. corny music but that's old holloywood. voodeeohh doh!

  15. from dahmer,neo ned,to william james,these charactures he plays are the only thing that is keeping my sanity in check. i am going through the toughest time in my life i want to sing and act and knowing theres a man out there that has the ability to capture my heart with each characture overwhelms me with joy and inpiration i dont know him never met him but meh but i know he is a great man.

  16. fucking amazing in hurtlocker and funny in fish in a berrel and you cant for get about swat

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