Stars of Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’, Jeremy Pope, Jake Picking, and Jim Parsons discuss their roles in Ryan Murphy’s very gay reimagining of Tinseltown’s Golden Age.

Parsons plays crooked talent scout Henry Wilson, Pope plays aspiring writer Archie Coleman, and Picking plays iconic closeted actor Rock Hudson. While Coleman is fictional, Hudson and Wilson’s paths diverge from their real-life counterparts in what the stars describe as a powerful tribute.

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7 thoughts on “Jim Parsons & 'Hollywood' Castmates Talk Ryan Murphy's New Netflix Series

  1. How freaking funny to hear the clean cut, Jim Parsons and the many yrs squeaky clean TV image……and suddenly hearing him….PULL DOWN YOUR TROUSERS AND I WILL BE SUCKING YOUR COCK….to this very young Roick Hudson… gross Rock had to bow his head down and get serviced by……his new AGENT>……….how in the world….??? yuck… Parsons was GREAT in this show

  2. This is my favorite new show in years! Best new series since Feud, Sense8, and Bates Motel. If you like old Hollywood and have a sense of humor, you will love this. I’m so glad Ryan Murphy exists to create these great shows that would never otherwise be made.

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