While catching up with ET Canada’s Roz Weston, Jim Parsons opens up about taking on the villainous role of Henry Willson in Ryan Murphy’s “Hollywood” after portraying Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory”. Plus, co-stars Jeremy Pope and Jake Picking share what they hope audiences take away from the project.

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7 thoughts on “Jim Parsons Talks Taking On Villainous Role in 'Hollywood' After 'The Big Bang Theory' | EXTENDED

  1. Hollywood is a wonderful incredible series.Thanks to all the Actors.

  2. So many pedos and perverts in isolation, men’s washrooms in Hollywood must be very quiet without the usual mass blowing.

  3. What are your thoughts of match making Jeremy Pope with Dyllon Burnside (Ricky from POSE)? Wouldn't that be something?

  4. I'm looking for some redeemable hope out of Hollywood. That is why I'm here. It has been so bad for the last couple of decades.

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