Joe Rogan goes full Ricky Gervais and mocks entitled celebrities over their cringe takes!

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20 thoughts on “Joe Rogan gives entitled celebrities the finger! SLAMS Hollywood hypocrites Ricky Gervais style!

  1. Jimmy Kimmel is yet another example of how these "outrage" idiots fail. The video they're crying over happened a long time ago. Not only that, but it has been up ever since. It was comedy, and obviously wasn't made because of any racist reason. These morons just take something that's obviously not racist and tries to cancel it because they're garbage people with nothing better to do.

  2. If he was still getting roles in Hollywood he'd be one of them……. hypocrisy at it's best.

  3. I disagree about Kimmel. Cancel him. He literally spreads lies and pushes hatred about the president because all celebrities are weak-minded shills. They help create the mob
    Karma 👌

  4. Forget them just wanting attention, this is all part of an attempt to overthrow the entire American way of life, at least for you. There are evil forces at work, power hungry elite who want to control the people. As for Jimmy Kimmel, if you knew what he was part of, you would be calling for his head. I say tear em all down, they wouldn't think twice about destroying you, trust me!

  5. Just think…. There was a time when somebody said… WHAT?? We cant hang them from lamp posts any more? Whats the world coming to.

  6. He does this while completely ignoring the Chris D’Elia situation while talking about Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. Rogan is just a much of a hypocrite as any other celebrity.

  7. The used to be informative/entertaining late night shows have really fallen lower than a genre can fall.
    T. Noah (just ranting on Trump and not even cares if it's truth or fake news he uses in his show), J. Kimmel (Pizza gate symbolism in his house), Seth Meyers, J. Collbert just utterly pushing the dems propaganda it's so obvious it's sad

  8. i grew up in the civil rights era and they have no clue what racisim is and how far we have come. Its only since The Democrats have been playing the race card and have this false perception of a systemic problem. I think they encourage it so they can try to make themselves look good… FAIL

  9. I'm black and can assure you that Jimmy Kimmel was doing an impersonation of a specific person whom just happens to black. That was NOT black face. I hate wyte ppl who use any excuse to pretend they are not racist.

  10. Joe Rogan is a idiot when the armad artery incident happened he said he used to go I. Houses under construction no he didnt isiot liar

  11. One more note on this. As a black woman, I've noticed that my people are hesitant to throw in with the liberals this time around. They always seem to try to "lead the charge" well the problem with this is that the leaders of the new not racist world are the same old white people that were in power before. Are we blacks supposed to believe that all these people in Washington changed their minds overnight?

    Black people are not fucking stupid

  12. Movie star isn't dead yet but it's coming. First movie theater is Dead because pandemic. Now civil war is coming then the A list star is over.

  13. The dr dolittle movie wasnt a movie that made people think yeah that needs to be remade. So your arguement in that aspect means nothing.

  14. Joe Rogan and Ricky Gervais have become symbols of the New freedom. Facilitated by the Injustice and oppression of the Woke sensibility.

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