enjoy with another josh video


31 thoughts on “josh hartnett-hollywood homicide trailer

  1. Underrated movie. Very funny. I like the scene where he did A Streetcar Named Desire. Lol

  2. "We come back as something better?"

    What? Danny from Pearl Harbour dies and comes back as this dodo? He's not someone better.

    Read your Bible Hartnett…

  3. Josh and the joga???:D wow! i wanna watch this movie right now 😀
    seems so funny:)
    oh…and i love Josh anyway 😀

  4. i Love Josh Hartnerr and I miss his movies, why we never saw his new movies again ?

  5. Lol this seems hilarious! Especially when Harrison just screams at the little girl and takes her bike! Lawl. I love Harrison! Literally!!! =] ^^

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