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42 thoughts on “JUDGE VS GIRLFRIEND! Everyone LOVES Trevor Holmes… | American Idol 2018 Hollywood Audition

  1. Honestly the girlfriend was being protective as anyone would be… but then again mam your on live tv sooo let's try not yelling out random things huh show some respect

  2. He wasn’t even that good. He’s a coffee shop singer at most. His looks got him that far. He was just a way for the show to get more views

  3. Is she gonna be there giving all his fangirls the stinkeye at every show? Hell no, leave her at home babe

  4. The girlfriend sounded like a mean person. Clearly Katie was joking. I hope they have broken up. He is pretty but his voice is generic. I dont like it much.

  5. Imagine that he has left his girl for Katy, whereas it's just a funny, flirty character that she played as a judge and on tv to make people laugh !

  6. Shit if I was good looking enough to have Katy Perry have a crush on me. I'd just walk up to any woman and hit on her in front of her man, and when she goes ummm this is my husband, I'd be like no no no its ok Katy Perry has a crush on me so its all good.

  7. The MOMENT Perry flirted with him, he was DOOMED because it was OBVIOUS that the show's producers will take him OUT of the competition ..otherwise and if he would have won, people would say that he did because of Perry's influence.. it was so SELFISH of Perry to do what she did..what a SPOILED brat

  8. When the Girlfriend yelled “Katy I’m watching you” believe me, I wanted to punch her straight to her face. Such a slutty girlfriend.

  9. Why is there so much hate going towards his girlfriend?? She just loves him ok!!! You guys need to chill😴😴

  10. I feel like katy eliminated him bc she has the power too and to make his gf mad about it

  11. Thats why hes not on the show anymore the suits probably wanted him gone incase it gave the show a bad name

  12. You don't have to fucking stand his girlfriend he has to because it's his not yours wtf are people are complaining about shit like this overall😂😂😂

  13. When he sang "and I love you" and he looked at the direction of his girlfriend. Damn! He is so cute

  14. People are talking about Katy and girlfriend thing but what I care is about this song. Does he record the full song? I love it

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