This is a professionally filmed video created by filmers from Universal Studios advertising Jurassic Park The Ride, also known as the Jurrasic Park River Adventure located at Universal Studios. It’s also located at Islands of Adventures in Universal Studios Orlando Resort in Florida and at Universal Studios Japan. This is the original Jurassic Park Ride video on YouTube! Enjoy and Comment! Any questions about this ride, please ask!


30 thoughts on “Jurassic Park The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood! FULL RIDE AND VIDEO!

  1. I am really bad with these kind of rides o.o the first time I went on it, I learned to never trust any rides again lol. so like on the pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland, I got kinda scared at the beginning lol xD

  2. i rode on that last week . i ts soooooooo awesome ! even my winter jacket got wet!

  3. First time I watched this I cranked up the volume thinking it was going to be just a peacefull ride then I found out… was not lol

  4. how is this ride? if i go to one i want to know if kids like 7 yrs old will enjoy it, cause otherwise my parents will not let us go i know it.

  5. "time an ever flowing river. come with us now to a time before man, when giants walked the earth welcome to …..Jurassic Park!"

  6. I went on it 2 days ago >< i stuffed everything in my backpack and kept it on my side with my jacket on top to keep it all from getting wet hahahaha

  7. Daeyangsi don't get mad at me if I'm wrong but from Wat I remember there isnt

  8. Im sorry i need to know!! someone please answer!!!!!
    IS THERE SOMEWHERE U CAN PUT YOUR ELECTRONICS?? Like a place? so they dont get wet??

  9. Duuude!!! i totally agree!!!! in my experience it WAS 10 stories high.. but that was in 2005 (i think) It used to be a scary high drop.. but now its not even worth it anymore..

  10. I love this ride I always ride it like 2 times I go to universal studios and if they EVER REMOVE IT IM SUEING its so FREAKING AWESOME I do t know why I put my head down during the big slide hmmm probably the music.

  11. Hi my dad and mom own both universal studioes in the world it isnt a scary ride trust me only at the end when the hill buy your self a ticket tell them Stephine sent you you will get half of

  12. If you can hear my voice, Get out of there! It's in the building, IT'S IN THE BUILDING!!!

  13. I've seen ride evacuation videos from inside the building, but how do they evacuate the ride if you are say in the spot where the big dinosour is with all that water?

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