Today, we made a stop by Universal Studios Hollywood to take a look at Jurassic World, Super Nintendo World, Secret Life of Pets Off The Leash, and The Walking Dead Attraction, as you can see, construction is still resuming, so we will continue to construction update series once more, WE”RE BACK! So let’s get rolling!


36 thoughts on “Jurassic World Gyrospheres Are Here! Universal Studios Hollywood Construction Update!

  1. Hey, I know how you think it’s a gyrosphere but if you look at the shape, it kinda looks like a raptor

  2. I just hope they keep Whoville I love seeing the Grinch in Universal Studios

  3. Looking at the video again. At 4:43 it also looks like they're removing the World Of The Worlds crash site set too.

  4. At this point I'm really Doubting that there will be a Halloween Horror Nights this year. It saddens me but I think that's what's gonna happen this year.

  5. Ur welcome for showing you the video of this guy flying over the helicopter lol 😂👍

  6. JP my friend I’m leaving ya a shout out and hope you had a mask on. The reason for removal of Walking Dead was because the poor scare actors were being harassed at their job. Read there are lawsuits in place because of people/idiots. Therefore “The Walking Dead” is no more because of it.

  7. I feel homeless my home is not open I hate the virus for taking my price Jewel

  8. I think the black opening to the left of the Predator Cove sign could be housing an animatronic dinosaur! Maybe another Indominus Rex?

  9. Bro I’m actually kinda happy that the construction is still going on. That means hopefully when the virus is gone me and my friends can experience everything when we go to California. 😁

  10. Finally a good video!! Was getting sick of your Minecraft videos!! That game sux!!!

  11. Maybe another addition for the replacement of whoville could be like something from back to the future or from another universal movie

  12. Gate#2 is that where they make movies?, is HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHT going to happen this year?

  13. Wow, I had mentioned before in one of your videos about some excavating behind stage 12 I didn't realize they were going to demolish it too. Hmmmm. I also noticed Whoville was missing too from that flyover video.

  14. I'm glad they're taking this time of quarantine to be working on the park. Hopefully when it reopens again, it'll be a little bit more improved than last time!

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