Now this is why we love us some Justin Bieber! While out on a food run with wife Hailey Baldwin, our cameras caught up with the Biebs as he grabbed some grub to go. Justin playfully made fun of our guy’s camera, sharing a laugh before kindly handing him over an entire stack of Drew stickers. What a guy!


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29 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Shows Why He's The NICEST Guy In Hollywood

  1. I’m not a Justin fan but I agree with him about the paparazzi, a group of fucking losers that need to get a fucking life, the fact that the paparazzi is legal shows that the government is a bunch of retards that don’t know how to make laws

  2. I think he’s better now, sure he makes horrible mistakes in the past but who doesn’t. It just makes us humans. I guess he deserves a second chance y’all, I think he definitely learned from his past mistakes

  3. to jest dla mnie dziwne – oni maja/kupuja bardzo wiele roznych, drogich, samochodow – przeciez kazdy ma (zwykle) 4 kola

  4. 여러분 안녕하십니까? 서북 통상입니다. 인천에 있는 중고차 수출회사 입니다.해외로 보내려고 중고차 사고 있어요.우리유트브샤넬 구경하로 오십시오^^ @M6XQ%E2%80%8B

  5. I also once stuck a camera at a celebrity's face just like this, he stuck his fist to my face. Let's just say… It was worth being a creep too!! Xoxo

  6. “Thank you sir “ aww he’s so kind. Even though he’s the celebrity, he calls one of the paps “sir” that shows how respectful he is. I’m glad he’s back to his old kind, respectful, caring, self again 😘😘😁💕💕💕

  7. I really don’t understand how it’s legal to follow and film someone, while they are peacefully walking/driving down the street, or if they are eating at a restaurant. I feel like I could get someone in trouble for doing the same to me.

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