From the DVD Two For The Road. Lloyd and Rob grew up near Hollywood.


10 thoughts on “Kinks: Hollywood Blvd

  1. Figured people who were interested in Hollywood Blvd would find that name easier to spot.

  2. I'd agree with that – "Terrific work, Rob and Lloyd!"
    A delightful video to exquisite lyrics.

  3. That is an extraordinary interpretation!

    I think it is written from the perspective of the working class Davies family living in a tiny house in Muswell Hill, to whom Hollywood seemed like another world, about which they could only dream.

    Does Ray say it is not important? He wishes his life was a non-stop Hollywood movie show!

    Terrific work, Rob and Lloyd!

  4. Hmmmm… Rock stars like the Kinks singing about how everybody is a star, and that it's not important to be one… I wonder if whoever wrote wrote this song did it while sitting poolside at their Hollywood Hills home? Yeah like they're suffering and struggling…

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