Kirk Douglas has died at the age of 103. His son, Michael Douglas, released a statement on social media that read, ‘To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies who lived well into his golden years, a humanitarian whose commitment to justice and the causes he believed in set a standard for all of us to aspire to.’


22 thoughts on “Kirk Douglas Dead at 103: Watch His Best Hollywood Moments

  1. My father loved him so much. He always tells me about the old days. He was a small boy in greece and when kirks new films came in the cinemas he didn't go to school, took some eggs of the chicken of his mother and sold them to the marketplace. With the money he went to the cinema to see movies like Spartacus. When I have tears today in my eyes then mostly because of thinking of these beautiful old days. Especially in films actors were so real and authentic. RIP old days..

  2. An Actor. A Great. A Class individual all round. I love the relationship he had with Michael.
    There is "only one" Spartacus.
    RIP Kirk. Gonna watch Spartacus right now!

  3. I think it's pretty pathetic that he didn't leave his family a dime…. I mean really put a few million in a trust so your family can have their college education paid for for generations to come.

  4. Money went to charity but charity just goes back to the government and some salty people who control the money charity probably only gets a small piece

  5. I just went to go search him up, to see how many movies he was in. (randomly) and then I saw

    Died: February 5, 2020


    My Dad loved and watched most of his movies. 🙁

  6. May he R.I.P Mr Douglas. I will always like his movies like the Man with the horn or Spartacus. My Father have several movies of him. And also from his Son Michael too.He too has serveral movies.

  7. Ich habe alle Filme von ihm verfolgt und mag ihn sehr. Supertoller Schauspieler !
    Ich werde ihn vermissen und nicht vergessen.

    Ruhe in Frieden, lieber Kirk ❤🕯🙏😪

  8. Yeah! I will miss him? I was always a fan of his since I was a kid? The one sure thing for all of us? Is that our end will come? God bless his soul shalom

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