Kourtney Kardashian helps Scott Disick celebrate his birthday after his break up with Sofia Richie. Plus, Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian do a booty workout tutorial together. #KourtneyKardashian #SofiaRichie #ScottDisick

Season 17 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians ended with major tension between Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, over Kourt not wanting to share her personal life on the show. She threatened to quit, but decided to return for season 18, which premiered on March 26. Unfortunately, to Kim and Khloe’s disappointment, Kourtney still didn’t have a great attitude about being back on camera. “She could have made the decision to quit,” Khloe complained. “She chose to not quit, but she’s here today, exactly where we left off. It’s affecting my mood that she’s so miserable that we’re here doing our job that she has agreed to.”

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49 thoughts on “Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Reunite After Sofia Richie Break Up

  1. Scot and kourtney belong together .. she better not give up her soulmate that’s so hard to find

  2. Im so glad i love them more than sofie and Scott i dont know why. But i dont hate sofie. Kourtney and Scott are back yay!!!!!!

  3. Yes they have children but if they are arguing and there is constant tension … the children are getting to the age that they could easily pick up on that. Staying together for the kids is not the answer. If your miserable with one another …. it definitely reflects around the children. How they coparent with one another is definitely a plus . So many couples are way too bitter after a break up and for them to remain so civil sets a great example for their children and to others. If it is meant to be …. they will get back together.

  4. I don’t know why everyone is acting surprised, Kourt loves her children and loves Scott, they have wayyyy to much history to just fully move on!

  5. Good for kourtney cus she was loosing it on kuwtk n her own sisters think its bcus of Scott so hopefully they make it work this time she should stop being manipulative n controlling n start treat him better …

  6. I can’t believe Scott and Sofia actually dated for 3 years.. way too long. Scott is 37 and Sofia is only 21. I feel weird about that. Sofia is too young to be caught up with Scott’s life drama.

  7. Ok I know it’s obvious they may have broken up but they haven’t said they have broken up so it’s not official.

  8. Kourtney has been plotting and planning to break Scott and Sofia up. So obvious.

  9. This is really great news. Kourt and Scott were meant to be together. They probably needed the break.

  10. this did not come as a surprise the two can not get over each other thats what makes them cute

  11. This just shows that ull we're blaming Kourtney for Scott's failures but now his back to being him without her and ull are not blaming miss Sofia for his failures 🙄🤔

    Kourtney has been good to that man and now that his down she will lift his soul up again just for him to get messed up again

  12. i get so mad when people hate on Scott and Kourtney, Tristan and Khloe, and Kylie and Travis because they are quarantined together… they have children together!!! for their children’s happiness they’ll do anything! also if they wanna all get back together they can do that it’s they’re business!🤍

  13. I hope kourtney and Scott can work it out. Neither one seems too happy alone….but there was obvious passion btwn kourtney and scott, even though the hard times.

  14. Who didn’t see this coming??? It was a matter of time. I always feel bad for the underdog. Hate to see breakups. But I feel Scott needs to go home now. I’m rooting for Scott no matter what!

  15. His relationship with Sofia was never going to work because Kourtney used the kids to stay involved. Granted they have kids but her intruding on his vacation with Sofia was totally out of line. Scott should have drawn the line and told Kourtney to butt out. Co-parenting only goes so far and if you have someone new in your life it should not interfere in that relationship. Kourtney will always use those kids to stay involved with him. She will never let him go.

  16. Scott Like kourtney Because she's the mother of his children's. Poor kourtney She's obsessed and in love with that cheater liar ready to move on quickly with another girl. She used those kids just to be around Even if you have a girlfriend What kind of sick love is that🤔

  17. If Kourtney and Scott get back together, no cheating Scott!! Treat Kourtney with respect, love each other and have baby number 4!!

  18. She pathetic.leave that man alone why they cant let these men go damn they never let them go she probably was in his ear the whole tme.shameless hussy

  19. Hopefully Scott doesn’t go with the monster Kourtney 💀 Shes toxic and disrespectful and disgusting

  20. I still would like to know how Kourtney and Scott can go to Utah for a trip when CA is on lockdown? Just like Kendall went on a road trip to AZ with her friends during lockdown. Pretty disgusting for the rest of us who have been following the rules and The Law since March!

  21. Sophia looks like his child. Happy it ended, weird relationship especially when them and khloe were all in one place

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