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25 thoughts on “Last of Us 2 DROPS! Hollywood will CANCEL Itself – Friday Night Tights

  1. Too bad Doomcock also has a Friday night channel. I bet together it would be a whole other level.
    I enjoy all these guys.

  2. Regarding slavery, and states rights regarding the War Between the States: you must disambiguate the succession from the war. The succession was both to preserve slavery and in protest of the northern nullification of the fugitive slave act (through the 1850s, the north fell back on "states rights" more than the south did). The War, on the other hand, was about the economic subjugation of the south by the north. If it were about slavery, the Corwin Amendment would have prevented it. If it were about slavery, the emancipation proclamation would have ended slavery in the border states, and would have been issued sooner than 1963, 3 years into the war.

  3. Quote: "A nihilistic, poorly written, nonsensical dross…"
    Can you guess which modern media property Az is talking about?
    A. The Last of Us Part II
    B. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    C. Star Trek: Picard
    D. Terminator: Dark Fate
    E. Doctor Who, starring the first female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker

  4. Nice show gentlemen and for reference R E F E R E N C E Hope that helps Keep up the good work

  5. I cannot find the filoning on YouTube or in any search engine. I dont have any social media besides YouTube is this erased or does it exist on twat only ?

  6. Come on you guys. Protesting and riots are not the same thing.

    GeeksandGamers is a moron – non whites are overwhelmingly targeted by the police. It's FACTS.

  7. Passing the title of Batman down It's like the CW using Ras al Ghul as a title anyone can have It makes no sense

  8. Give up social media and scripted entertainment and it will change your life. Who needs the constant bombarded of negativity – the world's a much better place than what's portrayed by people trying to influence the next election


  10. Actually I've seen channels where they say that Amber's lawyers are quitting and that they supposedly are going to fire her and find another Mera

  11. What a perfect ending. Make sure not to tell anyone that everyone on the panel secretly loves The Last Jedi!

  12. On the subject of Japan removing the infamous Druckmann/Abby sex scene from "TLOU2":

    Even the perverts with extreme tastes that Japan is so notorious for couldn't stomach Neil Druckmann's revolting fantasy.

  13. Nearly 7hrs in when they touch on how some folks are convinced that a Matriarchal society would be peaceful, I physically recoiled. Anyone who's ever endured an all-girls high school knows how vicious it would be. Frick me.

  14. O.O……

  15. Actually Gary It's a reference to Starblazers/Space Battleship Yamato which is an awesome anime

  16. Oden attempting to throw out some Barstool sports humor. One Bite, everyone knows the rules

  17. I occasionally played D&D and I always thought orcs were either pig or gorilla like in appearance I never really thought there was any racial reference

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