Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt talk about reading the script for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” who they based their characters on, and shooting the flamethrower scene during the Variety Screening Series presented by Vudu.




44 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio & Brad Pitt Talk 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' | Presented by Vudu

  1. Leo was my 1st crush when i saw him in Titanic..still love him he is amazing♥️

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  4. The other actors are just decorative lmao. Which is to be expected when you have brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio in front of you of course!

  5. I don't know if you guys are aware, but, I think Leo had wanted Brad Pitt to be in the movie, when Tom Cruise didn't come through for it, and he was happy to do it, so, I'd say people should thank Leo for subtly getting Brad in the movie. Quentin Tarantino ultimately decided to get Brad in, because, Leo was going to quit, unless they could find another talented actor for the part of Cliff, and he told him, he could put Brad in, and Leo totally agreed and decided to keep himself in the movie. So, he obviously, encouraged Quentin without actually saying the name, to put someone like Brad Pitt in.

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  7. DiCaprio can't do accents to save his life. That said he's an excellent actor. Just no accents please.

  8. brad move over he’s mine even tho we have a 33 year age gap it’s only a ten year difference from Leo’s girl so Leo can go ten years younger again can’t he lmao

  9. Wonderful interview! What a great relationship with Tarantino. The flame thrower parts were as funny as in the movie! 😂

  10. I guess they figure if they put more work into promoting it, then maybe a couple people may go see it hahahaha but probably not sit through the entire film though haha. burning people with a flamethrower Leo? how industrious.

  11. . Idk mabey its because he cries but for me Leo is the only thing i liked about the movie well and Luke Perry

  12. Imagine reading the script and seeing Quentin around the corner peeping at you with a straight face while dunking his teabag up and down in his tea mug

  13. I really liked this movie. It's partly about aging men, feeling lost and discarded by society. Pretty relevant in the modern era. Brad Pitt just plays himself and that's hilarious. With all the remakes and endless sequels coming out of Hollywood lately this movie was refreshing.

  14. That ending clip with Tarantino and the crew chanting is so sweet. I hope to find a profession that I love like that one day!!

  15. They all know what Malrlon Brando said – who dominates controlls and owns the hollywood …….Je****s…that is why you have good picture of Je***s in movies ALWAYS and negative picture of church, that is why mel Gibson was "expelled" from hollywood and he had to apologise THEM like Garry Oldman.
    socialism always needs to control you….

  16. The movie is very Tarantino-y but I liked it. However no more feet in your movies Q.

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