Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino break down how they wrote and developed Rick Dalton, the main character in their new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino explains how important early 1960s Hollywood leading men like Edd Byrnes and George Maharis were for the concept of Rick while DiCaprio goes into the challenges of playing him.

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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood in theaters now.

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Leonardo DiCaprio & Quentin Tarantino Break Down Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Main Character


21 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio & Quentin Tarantino Break Down Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Main Character

  1. But leo seems really down to earth thou. like he's not acting at all he's simulating for and occupation or profession .he truly acts for the art of it. But parties for the fun of it.

  2. If Quentin wasn’t a famous director…he’d be that weird annoying co-worker you always try to avoid in the halls and in the break room. Leo would be the guy you’d be nice to and try to be cool with, but secretly you’re jealous of because he gets the attention of the girl you have a crush on.

  3. Tarantino is so passionate about movies, TV, Hollywood, it's just amazing to see someone so fully committed to what they are doing. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was his best film to date in my opinion.

  4. Tarantino: When you gossip to you friends non stop
    Leo: when you are listening to your teacher

  5. People are making fun of Leo only saying ‘mhhmm’ but what else can he actually say when Tarantino won’t shut up

  6. this main part of the film had a lot going for it and some really cool ties and references, but what did the hippies have to do with anything? why was margot even in the film at all? was all that really just an attempt to randomly connect the two at the last second and give some kind of meaning to everything? seems so random or kinda lacked cohesion.

  7. This is the perfect example of a true nerd/genius/artist having to share a moment with some mediocre multi millionaire famous person who would be nobody without a freak like Tarantino and other directors but being a pretty boy, he has a seat at the table. Hilarious tow watch. DiCaprio is uncomfortable enough with Tarantino's weirdness for it to show on his face, knowing very well that Tarantino is a true movie freak/movie lover and Leo is just a whatever who got lucky.

  8. "Tarantino Breaks Down Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as Leonardo DiCaprio nods"

  9. cant take my eyes off Leo, hes definitely the highlight of this video, just way too cute to be not focusing

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