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37 thoughts on “Lil' Kim talks Biggie, Befriending Faith Evans & New Album on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Lil Kim❤️ Remy ma ❤️Kash Doll ❤️and Trina❤️ now that would be a dope collab💥

  2. Whole bunch of ass kissin! a lot of hating & talking about nothing no depth at all! Nothing to see here!

  3. Lil kim didnt want her to play "her" in the movie because she was dark …..and she hated seeing herself dark

  4. A Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix) Revival/Reboot/Update (assuming it follows the same blueprint with new lyrics)… I don’t know, but hear me out:

    Remy opens like how Angie Martinez did,
    Megan Thee Stallion follows up,
    June’s Diary on Chorus (for texture and soul)
    Trina on second verse being Trina
    Cardi B on third verse with an updated flow pattern from Da Brat’s (but to be fair, Da Brat’s flow on this track was CRAZY good)
    Lil Kim closes on the last verse (because you always save the best and the original for last)

    Over an updated rendition of the original instrumental for a nostalgic slapper.

    I’m just saying… it could be a wild set across the board! New artists with vets? Almost like passing a torch.

    Now, how can we make this happen?

  5. Kim is humble. She didnt agree with naturi playing her because the script wasnt an accurate portrayal. It mad kim look like a bitter side chick. Kim was with biggie before ,and after faith Evan's. Naturi looked good as kim but didnt know her personally like teyana Taylor.

  6. Let me break ot down to those that don't understand Kim language. You CANNOT say you love me and in the same breath disrespect me. Natauri listened to Kim tell her she was not happy with them not including her input for the Notorious movie and that she was not singing off her likeness to it. You cant tell Kim how much you love her and respect her then turn around and do the movie.

  7. OMG the dude in the orange hoodie on the right looks so much like Santana, or Romeo from The Steve Harvey Show. Damn he so fiiiinne!! Ugh! Lol 😍😍😍😘😘😚🥰🥰😻😻

  8. Ok so who else has noticed Kims voice, accent and all, is different in all of her interviews??

  9. Why are people saying she is bitter, Kim isn’t bitter she was so sweet and kind y’all need to go on somewhere

  10. Omg she looks stunning. She looks so good. Kim keep this make up artist and hair stylist because they just magnified your beauty by 1000% stunning love u Kim

  11. I will always be Lil Kim's #1 fan until I die! Outside of her musical image, she has a beautiful spirit and carries herself as a beautiful lady. She is due way more respect than she's given. She has paved the way for a lot of women and honestly some men in the rap game!

  12. Kim really needs 2 STOP
    ✋🏾😑 w/this CORNY, FRAUDULENT, "SWEET VALLEY HIGH", WHITE GIRL WAY IN WHICH SHE TALKS NOW. I don't think we'll ever come across another celebrity of her caliber, who TRULY HATES WHO THEY ARE, AS MUCH AS LIL KIM DOES, considering what she's done to her face & body & now the last thing standing, her new white, sweet valley high girl accent. Melissa gets a pass bcuz she was raised by her white mother, for those who may bring that up.

  13. lol she must’ve told him to not ask her about Nicki 😂 cant remember the last time I watched female rapper interview he did without mentioning nicki

  14. Lil kim the queen b has every right to say who should play her in ah movie while she's still living…the same way yall dumb ignorant ass commented saying old girl play her good n kim is being mean…is the same way kim has the right to say who should play her…yall be saying things just to say instead of just following ah hate train focus n listen to the conversation she is ah living legend but when the legends are dead n ppl play them yall say ohhh they play that person so bad why they pick him or her….yall dnt even understand yall own self stfu already

  15. Where was the topic talking about "Befriending" Faith Evans? Yet that is the title 🤔🤔

  16. I hate the fact she had plastic surgery she so didn't need it…. I wish someone or me could of told kim how beautiful she is

  17. Lil Kim hates Naturi because she embraces her beautiful melanin. Little Kim is insecure and bleach she wants to be something she is not. I love Naturi and she's a spectacular actress. Naturi played lil Kim better than little Kim hahaha. She loved the role and Kim hates herself.

  18. I Really like this show, but the ass kissing was wayyy over the Top yall! Naturi DID THAT SHIT NO CAP! IT'S A SHAME HOW MUCH KIM HATES THE WAY SHE LOOKED. SHE TURNED HERSELF INTO A LIL ASIAN/BLACK LADY!

  19. OMFG that movie is old AF now! Either make your own or shut the hell up and MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Her voice did not sound like that either in her old videos she is really trying to speak like a white valley girl so lost

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