A Little Late With Lilly Singh is getting a second season, so prepare yourself for another 100 episodes of the award winning ground breaking, no holds comedy!

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44 thoughts on “Lilly Singh SAVES Hollywood! Helps them burn cash with new season of her late show!

  1. Are they out of their minds? The ratings were in the tanking and the show was awful.

  2. No, not funny. This show started as a dumpster fire and now its full 200 alarm forest fire. What a joke!

  3. I'm curious how many "viewers" are TV's left on in hospitals and assorted break rooms.

  4. I fell asleep last night only to wake up to this. I hit the power button for the cable and went back to bed.

  5. There's a reason why she's on at 01.35 AM. Nobody wants to feckin watch it, not even NBC

  6. What don't these woke idiots ruin. Dr. Who, Marvel, Batwoman and now this POS. Covid seems like a manageable situation compared to this insidious crap.

  7. Obviously some higher up fat cats are just using her trash show to launder money.

  8. "If we don't get a new season you all racist and sexist and I will go on Twitter and cancel ya"

    That's how i think it went…

  9. In the UK we have a male version of her called Nish Kumar
    He’s always on BBC shows with canned laughter
    He did a charity event not in a BBC studio and got booed off stage and couldn’t understand why people didn’t find him funny when he just kept having a political dig at white people disguised as comedy

  10. She's the Indian version of Larry the Cable Guy. She first appealed to the G rated family and kids audience on Youtube with her safe dull humour. Once she achieved peak popularity then she unleashed her true hateful side. And now here we are.

  11. I’m surprised that even with low ratings and a shit time slot (that I believe she said was meant to sabotage her show), shes given the cue to another season

  12. As a person of Indian decent, this woman makes me cringe so much that I'm embarrassed for her.

  13. We the people of Canada came together to say sorry for unleashing this thing on the world

  14. Somebody really wants to promote "something" and they are willing to use and loose money to do it. Does that not make you wonder why? and who is behind it?

  15. Lilly Singh’s show feels like the episode of the office where Oscar told Michael that they had some left over money in the budget they could spend so they can get the same amount of money again. Like NBC just needed to get rid of the leftover money so they decided just to have another late night show

  16. shes as funny as being told you have cancer… after having to look up this nobody online…

  17. Lilly: " I remember I once I tried to sleep…"
    Audience: haha
    Lilly: "I then closed MY EYES!!"

  18. The media doesn't worry about money , between the Democrats and the Chinese they always make up the loses.

  19. rotten tomato has her show at 90% the adance gave her a 19% and IMDB gave her a 1.9/5. interesting

  20. So how about the lack of human rights in the middle east or China huh? Guess that wouldnt fly with her audience. They hate white people and want them removed buy theyll happily keep the societies and way of life and language of white people. Also….MAN BAD

  21. Chevy Chase’s show was cancelled after a month of low ratings and his show was funnier. It wasn’t great but it was better than this garbage.

  22. Geraldo Rivera didn't got his show handed to him, he began as everyone else…

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