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39 thoughts on “LOOKING INTO THE "CULT" OF THE HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY ELITE! (What is Fact and What is Fiction?)

  1. Janine you are doing great job, we have to know what’s going on in Hollywood!

  2. Im so late today… been out on the water here on the Gold Coast Australia. So nice to drink Champaign and eat prawns …just have freedom..i dont mean to throw it out there ..but what a great day…but we do need to look at the big picture folks..thankyou Janine as always ❣

  3. Janine, I'd be taking notes while chatting, I could NOT resist that at ALL! I will be making that as soon as I find good strawberries, our strawberry season came and went in Florida during the pandemic. New York has great strawberries in June!

  4. It's interesting that you mention the pole shift. My husband brought my attention to this a couple of years ago. Now for the last several months, I've noticed the moon is in the wrong position; it's far too low on the horizon no matter the time of night. No one else has seemed to notice this! And I can't find any info on the internet on it. I've long suspected that the pole shift is in process or has happened.

  5. No apology is required. We brits understand how it is possible to get mixed up.

  6. Really good session Janine. Well done this is all about rising above as you say.

  7. I love sponge cake. My grandmother made it for my Birthday every year. I make her recipe for my family.

  8. Big Thankyou Janine (&Guy) This is an ongoing journey of uncovering & waking up I have always loved movies and favourite stars etc I was movie mad. No more: Ive looked at em "stars" and realise that they are not real in the sense that they were just unsubstantial projections and in my minds eye they are crumbling cobwebs going down everywhere; All of their money & mansions jets islands must be given to the children & adult victims🙏 Its time ALLELUIA 💚💛💜💖💞💞💞Pray for the children

  9. Why don't you do a reading on the George Floyd situation here in America?

  10. Hi Janine, fantastic reading and carefully done. If anyone is curious about the evil, start with googling adrenachrome, the horror starts there. The Royal family are Satanic cult who have gotten away with devilish evil. The Satanic craft uses blackmail to manipulate people in power (or they are already in the Cabal). People really in charge are The Rockefeller, Rothschild, Goldsmiths etc, and lots of powerful families. These guys are devils at work and they even control the Royal Family. But we are STRONG and we are more than they. I pray that many teachers will spread the word, we can use light! Project light from your mind and help the people who are strong enough and rich enough to take these evil deep staters down. They are few and we are more! I pray for the children!

  11. Hi Janine &Guy loved your spouse cake it look delicious. 🤗🤗🇦🇺🇦🇺

  12. Lol cake without the trouble … perfect! I do agree that there seems to be a nasty rats nest and the Megnut Handbag Harkle malarkey is adding a smoke and mirrors cover over it … which seems designed to mislead and divert away from a lot of things. A lots of things would have seemed far fetched but in the UK we had a huge celebrity found to be a paedo … Look up Jim I’ll Fix it… and there are continual cases coming up from children’s homes. Historically, Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and links to political elite are suspect to say the least. There is also a intelligentsia attempt to make it seem that if you believe in conspiracy you are uneducated and from a low socioeconomic background (inc. Ancient Alien theory). My other half theorises that soaps and social media are part of state and religious manipulation of the masses, who are treated like toddlers and shoved in front of a TV, phone or Computer screen centring on frivolous nothing to keep them from questioning. He also attributes health and safety regulations and the nanny state on stifling creativity and good sense …. I have to say I agree with him. Xx

  13. I sat and watched so many of your videos today going back to real old ones and I like the layout you do now with them all down for you to read rather then 3 or 4 then building on it up.

  14. Ah so lovely re the cakes Janine. 🙂 Yip Victoria Sponge Cake is a traditional cake / recipe in the UK.

  15. people that say it's too much really are not enlightened. This is so important. I thank you so much for your readings. Children are disappearing and Noone is held accountable. We the silent majority have to awaken the world. The royal family, governments Hollywood. MARINA ABRAMOVITCH is a killer. Also Madonna. I was so surprised at Celine Dion Katy Perry so many.

  16. I saw the ads from Celine Dions child clothing range. It was utterly horrific. She is into some horribly dark stuff. Great reading Janine. Thank you

  17. I am so glad more and more people are 'waking up" … it has been hard to know all these things and never finding others VERY few who are 'awake' and it is hard to be able to speak on the internet openly… I still don't really.. WE will be lucky if this vid stays up.. or even some of the comments.

  18. Australia's liberal Prime Minister in the 90s slaped a Ninty year restriction on naming pedophiles with in the Government these men were from politicians police, lawyers doctors, all high profile, tell me why would a Prime Minister do such a thing, seems obvious.

  19. 42.22 and following Amanda Ellis on Harry's transformation journey. Walking each other home. Yellow brick road – finding your faculties/wholeness courage heart head and home

    Being who you need to be in this lifetime, conquer your fear, take your place, like yourself, give yourself respect, be your sovereign self. Put on the armour of god – truth righteousness and peace

    Family and ancestors rooting for him

  20. Janine…thank you for addressing this…it is so lMPORTANT. The shift
    is cracking the timeIines, and the Dark SpeIIs are being broken…the Music lndustry
    is invoIved too….sadIy, they have $oId their S0ULS…just watch them, and you can
    see it…we can break the SpeII, when we speak about it…again, thank you…[] …[]…Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Calm, consider everything, and be-LlE-ve N0THlNG

  21. How about all the rioting in US ….curious about a blanket reading on that. Thanks for all you do 😍

  22. Quite a while ago, I listened to a Documentary that explained that when a blockbuster film is released in Hollywood, babies are sacrificed to ensure the success of the film. For a long time I have not been able to watch Hollywood movies. Only recently that I have been able to watch a movie occassionally though I am very selective. I prefer older films from the black and white era, like Greer Garson, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn era.
    To understand what has been going on, we need to go back to the founders of Hollywood.
    The practices are Babylonian.
    It is absolutely sickening.
    Thankyou Janine for your sensitivity with this subject. If anyone can awaken people gently it is you and everyone needs to be awakened to these things because it can't be allowed to continue.

  23. Traumatised may the word you are looking for. WE must be very strong…Trump and 1 million military are saving as many children from subterreanean tunnels. Many rescued children laying in bondage beside dead children. We can not turn away from this…we must stop this depravity.

  24. Oprah, Beyonce, Meryl Streep, de Generes, are only a few at top of satanic pedophiles. All under house arrest. They torture babies and children and drink their blood and eat their flesh. Make red shoes out of their skin. Follow Q. The Great Awakening.

  25. I started researching last year. It was horrible to hear about this and is so bad it’s unbelievable. But there is too much evidence to ignore. The victims deserve the truth to come out. Good work !

    I did love your cake 😍

  26. Tom Hanks was arrested in Australia by Fed Police, and faced trial in US, was executed, along with his wife.

  27. Thank you Janine…this might wake more people up!The royals are finished in UK and globally. The Queen is dead. Harry and Meghan are doubles. most celebrities in isolation are under house arrest, for satanic pedophilia, mutilation and murder of children, many trials going on in UK and US.

  28. Hi Janine! Tried looking up IK's videos and his channel has been cleansed. I see a few other channels have published his last video. So I will watch it tomorrow before they are taken down too. I remember hearing about H'weird back in the 00's and I was so shocked I thought I was 'listening' to (reading on a discussion board,) a disgruntled artist who couldn't make it. [It's] been a constant drip ever since. And it was really disappointing for me the day I discovered symbolic pictures of a star whom I really admired. To the outsider they looked "stupid" and made you wonder what was the photographer doing? But it all makes sense to me. (Still dumb poses, but the messaging was obviously there for whomever they wanted to "see".) And his "tragic life" is in line with busting the ceiling. I don't even go to the theatre anymore. [It] boils down to a 'difference of religion' for me. Funny, when we reflect on what our societal conditioning has been the last 40/50 years (Live and let live/tolerance.) Not in this instance! Thank you so much for delving into these sorts of subjects. It really is shocking when one learns who and how many generations. Namaste and protective white light to surround you and yours.

  29. I want to send you my great-grandmother’s fry bread recipe. It’s soooo good. I make for our sweat lodge meal. I also, make and take to the elders. Of course…….I make for powwow. Yummy! It’s very easy. You can make for Guy. I serve with bison and beans. Indian tacos.

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