Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is back with some new additions!


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43 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood | Season 4 Official Super Trailer

  1. Keysia Cole on love & hiphop😮😮😮 whyyyyy??? Your to talented for this nonsense

  2. Moniece Bi and chick ain’t nada laughing with fizz mocking her mental health, disgusting

  3. Brooke and her friends sitting at the beach 🎸🔥🏝🌊 sounded so beautiful and looked so nice and peaceful. I can relate to doing things like that growing up. It’s a nice, normal thing to do. I’ve never seen African Americans do things like that so I really enjoyed being able to see that scene. Brooke has the singing voice of an angel though 🎵 🎶👩🏽‍🦱

  4. This trailer really under-represented some of the queens, Moenice and especially Masika. This made her look like whack when she was pausing them fr!

  5. All this wannabe D Class Rappers throw around with drinks like all of thier sluts. And where they buy all of this ugly ass clothes ??? Today's "Rappers" acting like little girls and not like real man.

  6. Well seeing this, I see who has the highest sperm count.

  7. All these seasons and Hazel STILL can’t get a cute wig….Mona wtf how much do u pay her 😂😂😂😂😂💀

  8. this is the best preview we al know Zell Swag and the other gay dude made this matahf.. show and preview

  9. And you know what I don't like about Safari is the fact that you try so hard for a man he tried to Hardman like show us the real him like he doesn't do that sometime I feel like safari is lost the way how when he was going out with missnikkiibaby you know the way how we was gonna let the show bring him how you know that he can't afford her you're not a mean like everybody's saying he wants to be like Ray j and A1
    A lot of fizzo really need to bring something he needs to bring something to the table now because like he is boring to watch like yous just jumping from one woman to the next woman like it doesn't have any morals like is boring now back then when he was singing with the group with his crew as I he wants to put it you know he was doing it was making some good money back then but he's not making any money now so I can see why is he not on love and Hip Hop like he's letting down his game and everything man I mean when he was doing b2k he was something then but now is like he's lost it doesn't know what to bring our how to be on here like you know and he's a good dad in everything but what is he really doing on here like I'm not saying him bring anything apart from getting him problems with girls like no he's boring we don't want to see that bring something new to the table that's why don't you see they're not really showing him as much if you really looked like details in love and hip-hop they're not really showing him as much because lil fizz doesn't have nothing to bringing. Keyshia Cole doesn't need to be on here because she is too classy for love and hip-hop and she's too pretty for all of this drama so even if they're going to bring around here they should have give her the highest scene because nobody is not really bringing anything they just bringing more drama more than what we have here really

  10. Keyshia Cole is the only one on the who's got so much class and she's too classy for this love and hip-hop businessman she's too precious for all of this she don't need to be on love and Hip Hop Keyshia Cole is the bum she is everything that a man wants and need Keyshia Cole is too classy for this she's very classy she's so full of Pride charisma she's too precious for love and Hip Hop even if she's going to be a love and Hip Hop at least give her the highest scene

  11. This season they to conceited and full of them self 's Atlanta is the best season. These characters don't have nothing that attracts you to em

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