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21 thoughts on “Luenell on Malik Yoba’s Sexuality & Nicole Murphy Cheating on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Eddie Murphy is NOT worth $600 Million Dollars…Where in the fuck did she get that wrong information?!!! smh

  2. It's WILD how Jason Lee is so preoccupied and judgemental about Malik Yoba's attraction to trans women. Let the man live. Who the hell are you to define how HE wants to identify with HIS sexual orientation. I love this podcast but sometimes yall say some wild uneducated myopic shit.

  3. Sick topic. Nothing funny or okay about homosexuality.Thought Luenell was better than this

  4. If ya'll didn't care, then you wouldn't be talking about it. Just because Jason Lee tells all his business (lying) doesn't mean Malik has to tell all of his.

  5. Im 10 mins in this interview and im on the fucking floor🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. You right Luenell LGBTQ needs to calm the fuck down they can get it too. We can still be called niggas and bitches and killed by the police fathers and brothers taken out of the homes imprisoned and families destroyed systematically denied housing and discriminated against racial injustice by way of jobs and healthcare and housing but don't say nothing about LGBTQ rights not even rights but just saying he gay or she lesbian is a crime like really GTFOH. Miss me with all that .that's your choice .your right way of life what have you but being black and the injustices that comes along with all of that in its entirety is something you just cant fuck with but still is dismissed every damn day .

  7. These them convos as a kid u here yo family talking about in another room an u know u not supposed to be listening to the conversation 😆lmao at luenell sipping that tea after the wasnt she fkkn a husband too😭😭😭😭😭

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