What does Macaulay Culkin have in common with Michael Jackson?
Why did he break up with Mila Kunis?

Was Culkin really addicted to thousands of dollars of hard drugs every month….or was this an exaggeration by the tabloids?

The most popular child star of the early 90s starred in 15 movies before he had even turned 15.

Mac was Hollywood royalty with global recognition on par with Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan.

But it seems that just as quickly, it all came tumbling down.
And the real reason behind the drama?
Mac’s abusive father…

Despite the fact that he was the 3rd kid of 7 children, Mac’s parents never married.
The family lived a pretty poor life in New York City.

Just imagine all the 9 people living together in a tiny apartment!
Because of his parents, particularly because of his father’s wishes,
Culkin was almost pushed into studying acting at the age of 4. Theaters, commercials and small roles on televisions and in movies were Mac’s first steps towards something bigger and it was “Uncle Buck” where Culkin finally hit the jackpot, scoring an impressive $40,000 paycheck which his poor family REALLY needed at that time.

But as well as the money “Uncle Buck” gave Mac something MUCH more valuable: it put him on a whole new level of fame.

All of a sudden Macaulay Culkin became notable as an actor.
The director of “Uncle Buck” John Hughes was so impressed by Mac’s acting talent that he wrote a new script with Culkin specifically in mind for the leading role.
And I’m sure you probably already guessed that the name of the script was
“Home Alone”.

Whatch our video to find out what happened to Macaulay Culkin!

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  1. What do you think about the relationship between Macaulay and his father? So horrible, right?)

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