The “Glorious” rapper gets emotional when connecting with a childhood friend during his reading with the clairvoyant. Watch the heavy moment on “Hollywood Medium.”

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Macklemore Gets a Message From a Late Friend | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


25 thoughts on “Macklemore Gets a Message From a Late Friend | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  1. This is probably a waste of time however, something horrible has happened with a death and it’s not only changed my belief in God or at least question things. I am 46 next week and this is the most horrible thing that’s happened in my life and I’ve had pretty bad things happen in my past but this current thing has me thinking of taking my life. I so need answers. I normally don’t make comments or even deal with any kind of social media. I am at a huge huge loss. I can’t unsee these things I can’t stop the hurting or pain I feel for what has happened. Everyday gets worse instead of better. I’m so lost

  2. I don't buy this medium. He could have easily researched a lot of the things he tells his clients. Some of his readings aren't that deep either. I like Sloan Bella, you can tell she's the real deal.

  3. I've never realized that Macklemore have a good eyes, like it's really pretty.

  4. I just can’t buy into any of this. He could’ve researched things about Mac before he got there and had a whole act ready. It’s easy to use psychology and symbolism to cold read someone

  5. weird… almost like he just… listened to a Macklemore song, what absolute trash

  6. Would love for this medium to read Vanessa Bryant and let her know that Kobe and Gigi are at peace and together. No pain what so ever!

  7. Macklemore is too obvious that he would be involved with people who died of drug overdose. It's just a easy guess. He looks like the people who go to AA meetings and stuff like that.

  8. The lack of critical thinking skills and gullibility present in our society is just shocking…

  9. Not a fan of Tyler's at all. Not even sure why I watched this one. Yet for some reason this one got to me and made me cry. ODD

  10. Mack is one fine, sexy man. RIP Kevin Mack hasn’t forgotten about you.🙏🏻🙌🏻

  11. I started watching Tyler because I can also sense stuff like this and it is scary because I am young, but he has helped me learn they are not hear to scare you they are here to help you or protect you or talk to you

  12. This is a bunch of bullshit. Anyone who does a quick Google of Macklemore could have done this. Just as bad as that long island iced tea chick.

  13. that guy was on home alone right? He's a FAKE psychic — suckers people. Psychics are FAKE….

  14. If you believe this you’re nuts. Who didn’t have a friend or associate who passed or overdosed. All drug addicts usually overdose when they haven’t used in a while. Tell me his name and what he was wearing when he died and I’ll be impressed.

  15. i'd love to hear a reading with Mac or Jahseh's family.. so we could all be at peace.

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