The Sad Life Of Child Star Maddie Ziegler Growing Up On Dance Moms
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Maddie Ziegler may still be a teenager, but she’s an unstoppable dancing and acting powerhouse. From videos with billions of views and millions of followers on Instagram to pretty much still being a household name on Dance Moms, Maddie has it all. But she’s no longer a little kid – she’s almost a grown up! She can not only drive a car, she was given a car for her birthday by the one and only Sia! Who, by the way, is basically her best friend, which is pretty cool! Over the years, Maddie has revealed plenty of secrets about her life and even spoke about her time on Dance Moms. Nowadays, she doesn’t really have a good opinion of the show – she believes there was too much drama when all she wanted to do was dance. But now that she’s grown up, her life is completely different. Wait until you find out who Maddie Ziegler is reportedly dating!

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44 thoughts on “Maddie Ziegler Sad Struggle Growing Up A Hollywood Star

  1. I think mom is at fault here. She made Maddie keep dancing when the poor kid was sick. She wouldn't let her have a day off to be a kid. Mom wanted that fame and money too. I think it's a damn shame. If she wises up she'll be able to talk to more than her money and fame.

  2. Is it weird I got a Maddie Ziegler ad before it started? ╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮

  3. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Maddie and Mackenzie were never on Dance Moms…

  4. So this vid is about Maddie right. I literally got a add about Maddie😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. That one you said was pretty little liars was actually a show called ghost whisperer just letting you know

  6. When I look at Maddie I am left with one question only: What was Abby Lee Miller thinking making fun of other girls´ physical shortcomings, such as Chloe´s eye, while never mentioning Maddie´s teeth?

  7. She's a good celebrity role model for young girls because she's talented and works hard. Unlike people like Kim Kardashian.

  8. woah did she just said her favourite food is chinese but then continued to give us an example of her getting sushi?? LOL

  9. Yeah she’s very famous and successful but ‘Hollywood star’ ?? She was never in huge blockbuster movies, she was a child reality tv star

  10. Maddie is an outstanding dancer and ignore the haters they are just trolls… I mean ones that live under a bridge trolls, they try to beat you down cus there jealous horrible ppl, stay true and strong your simply beautiful and again outstanding at dancing xxxx

  11. She went through so much in such a short time. She is really a strong young woman 🦋

  12. Madi is one of those girls that every girl wishes they could be. 😎😎🤔🤩🤩🤩

  13. Wow her life is so good and is living her life to the best that she could good job maddie and mekenzie.😃😃

  14. I've only seen 2/3 eps of Dance MOMS (how stupid is that) ,but maaan she is gorgeous

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