Madonna – Hollywood Reaction! This is the first time we watched the full Music video for Hollywood by Madonna! The gays are back and ready to get our Madonna history lesson..Madonna really served us botox panty hose and sexy! I best remember this song because of the VMA Performance with Britney , Christina , and Missy Elliot. It makes me see how versatile Madonna is. Do you remember watching this when it came out?? What did you think??? How did you watch the video?? What should we react to next?? #madonnareaction #hollywood #madonnavideo #madonna

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49 thoughts on “Madonna – Hollywood Reaction

  1. I don’t know how y’all pick which viewer request y’all wanna go with BUT on my ducking nerves!! Lol what fan would request the “Hollywood” video??!??

  2. Have you guys already done “Bitch I’m Madonna?” Bc….I feel like it’s a missed opportunity and you should definitely do that.

  3. Deeper and deeper, the live version from the Girlie Show Tour 😭

  4. Your videos are so much fun. I look forward to a new one pop up in my notifications.
    "Deeper and Deeper" and "Fever" are both bops, and both videos are aimed at her gay fan base (Like Her best videos are)
    Would love to see you react to either one.

  5. Please react to MUSIC. It stars Sascha Baron Cohen as Ali G and is beyond Iconic!

  6. Stunning video and song. You should react to the uncensored director's cut video of American Life. It's a powerful as hell video.

  7. Hey boys watch Oh Father.. its a very personal song and video of Madonna

  8. This video is an homage to famed French fashion photographer Guy Bourdain – Google him bitches

  9. Do the Ol school ones, like burning up, or borderline, or material girl

  10. Madonna is the greatest performer on earth, you really should watch the Confessions tour… Get together ♥️ La isla bonita ♥️ Like a virgin ♥️……..

  11. Please react to Madonna's – Drowned World / Substitute For Love. Thank you guys!

  12. Try Bad Girl, directed by David Fincher who made the films Se7en, Fight club and directed Vogue and Express Yourself!

  13. You gurls MUST MUST MUST react to her American Life – Director’s Cut Uncensored! 🙏🏻🤞🏻It sparked a significant amount of controversy! Epic video and so much to take in. Leaves you gasping 😲👌🏻

  14. OK we need to bring it forward with BITCH I'M. MADONNA feat Nicki Minaj 🔥🔥🔥🔥also Give Me All Your Luvin' PURE Boppage

  15. Madonna stole the concept/look of this whole vide from the late artist Guy Bourdin and was actually sued by his son. A lot of her concepts are "borrowed" from artists and other musicians.

  16. That was from her Sex book she posed nude. The book cover was silver I remember.

  17. You guys have such a good energy. I hope you’re having fun getting to know Madonna’s work. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  18. Why would you call people you don’t know sluts and whores? Is this american humour? So confused…

  19. Don't Tell Me – if you want to see a self made Tik Tok video this is one for your reactideration

  20. Ok, so now you NEED to react to the AMERICAN LIFE video (Uncensored version). I grew up being a Britney boy but as soon as I started learning about Madonna's career, I realized how silly Britney's art was. I still love me some Brit but I could never appreciate her music as I used to. Please react to American Life. Love you

  21. React to Madonna's Bond movie song & music video "Die Another Day"! BAD A$$ B!TCH!

  22. Please Please Please check out some Kylie Minogue. The "Goddess of Pop", from Australia, big here (Aus) and UK/Europe, never really made it big in US unfortunately. some great songs Id recommend; All The Lovers, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Get Outta My Way, Into The Blue, Spinning Around, In My Arms, Red Blooded Woman, Love At First Sight, The Loco-motion, In Your Eyes, Come Into My World, I Should Be So Lucky, On A Night Like This, Slow, 2 Hearts, Timebomb, Higher (with Taio Cruz) (just to name a few :))

  23. American Life is sooo underrated! If you haven't already, react to American Life original unedited version

  24. Who cares about ur Madonna reactions now??? U don't understand the most of her work. No comprehension here!

  25. Just like HUNG UP song and video…I Just cant stop listening and watching this vídeo. Fucking love it too…❤️

  26. Die Another Day for the next one! So underrated and another one of her many looks. Lots of love from a U.K. fan!

  27. Sooner or Later from Dick Tracy live from Academy Awards.
    PLEASE PLEASE REACT TO IT. I LOVE your videos just discovered you guys yesterday. I binged all your Madonna reviews. When you review tours do blonde ambition

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